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  1. T

    New Aquarium Owner Questions!?

    Hey! I have a new aquarium and cycled the water for 4 days before adding fish (I was impatient)! I added glo fish, tetra and pleco. The water has been very cloudy for the last few weeks, I have done a 20% water change everyday, bought and tried many products as you can see in the video - what...
  2. J

    New tanks, suggestions please :)

    Hi, I’m getting a 200 litre tropical tank delivered soon (Fluval Roma 200) I have a 450litre community tank (kitty tetras, ember tetras, guppy’s, rummy noses, bristlenoses etc etc). This new tank I am looking at getting a single, larger fish (around 15cm adult size give or take), to house on...
  3. JackGulley

    How big do Swordtails grow? Which would you recommend for a 20 gal, that or Mollies?

    Hi, I'm setting up my first aquarium (20long planted freshwater); at the moment I've got cherry shrimp, zebra danios, and a couple of white cloud mountain minnows (plan to get more so they're not lonely) but I'm planning to get something a little bigger for the tank in the future. I'm drawn to...
  4. K

    I need help and advice about my new neon tetra tank!

    Hello all! Im new to this website so I hope I’m using it correctly ! This is going to be along post, but please take time to read it if you are experienced as I really need help. So I need some help and some advice about my new tank. I’ve been wanting to get into the hobby for a long time and...
  5. C

    Can I Add a Single Cherry Shrimp Alongside Amanos?

    Hello 👋 I have amano shrimp in my guppy tank. I originally chose them over other shrimp species because they will not be able to successfully breed and I don’t want to be overrun with shrimp. Cherry shrimp are obviously much more striking. I have read that they prefer to be in groups but does...
  6. B

    Ammonia in new tank

    Hey there! I've darkstarted a new tank about a month ago. I put some used filter media to help out the process a bit. The thing is, I've been doing an ammonia test every week, since it's the only test I have left, and each time the ammonia is at minimum, under 0.05 ppm. There shouldn't really be...
  7. Lanpenn

    My (very) low-cost 7.92 gallons tank

    Well, since I transferred my artemias to other containers that are still now on the porch, then I transformed a brine shrimp culture (for my term paper from my Major in Biology) to freshwater. This is the setup: • Size: 15.74" length x 11.81" height x 9.84" width, 7.29 gallons; •...
  8. Hmarie37

    10 Gallon tank suggestions

    Hey all! I will be setting up my second official aquarium here soon to go ahead and begin the cycling process. I believe I want a Betta in this tank, as well as providing some tank mates for ‘em. I’d love to hear suggestions on tank mates for a betta, acceptable in a 10 gallon tank. I plan on...
  9. Q

    New to the hobby and in need of help

    Hi there! So after watching and researching about planted tanks on the internet I've decided start one myself. I've bought the substrate, rocks, driftwood and plants to use in the tank and have cleaned them (boiled the driftwood, washed the sand, scrubbed the rocks, washed plants with hydrogen...
  10. ella777

    Colder water for guppies?

    I have 5 guppies and they are living in a 70l tank. I have a 200l already set up, with no fish in it. I have done lots of tests and the water is exactly the same as the 70l (uk). The guppies are currently living with 3 rosy barbs (rehoming them soon). I didn't realise rosys were so aggressive...
  11. V

    Why does the water look like this?

    Idk why it looks like this. The only thing I could think of is maybe if I used too much Prime. The tank is about two months old. It didn't look like this before. I haven't done anything recently besides water changes.
  12. O

    betta fish at top

    Someone please help im worried about my new betta. The pet shop told me I can add him in one day after setting up the tank. He’s been in the tank around 36 hours now and was doing fine however i noticed the tank temperature was slightly out of range at 84°F so i have now lowered it to 80°F. I...
  13. V

    Betta separated - now what?

    My betta in a community tank killed a fish when I came home from vacation. So now she's in a quarantine tank, and I'm going to have to get another tank for her permanent home. I already know about the basics, but my biggest question is, will I need to cycle the tank? I already have a 20 gallon...
  14. Woodlol

    Dark Purple Foreground Plants Suggestions?

    Good morning/afternoon/evening! I'm looking for some ideas for bushy dark purple foreground plants for my planted tank. The picture is a little cloudy because I had just planted the others, but I want to put some red/black lava rocks and something dark and lush in front of the red lava rocks...
  15. Woodlol

    10gal to 30gal Transition!

    Query! I have a 10gal setup in my office, just got a 30gal tank that I'm transitioning to. My question is, I'm due to do a water change in the 10gal, would adding the water from the mature planted 10gal to the 30gal aid in speeding up the cycling process in the new tank? I'm going to...
  16. outofwater

    New 50g tank project

    So, got this new (to me, used for 1 year by the people I got it from) 48 x 13 x 21. Has all the equipment needed (heater, filter, lights) although later on I probably will change the lights. But it's ready to go. First thing I need (besides cycling it of course) is a stand. Still chasing...
  17. D

    Fishless Cycle 3 weeks no Nitrite

    Hello All, currently on day 21 of a fishless cycle and have no nitrites as of yet. Is this normal or have I done something wrong. How long has it taken other people to see nitrites appear ? My tank is 80 litres, the filter is set up and the temperature has been at 28 Celsius / 82 Fahrenheit...
  18. dsch132

    Surprised with a five-gallon aquarium...

    A friend of mine just moved and her new landlord won't let her have an aquarium. As such, I've now inherited a five-gallon tank. Supposedly, it's been running for almost two years with no fish but lots of plants and various waves of pest infestations. I think the pests are gone now, but I'll...
  19. Alphabot

    If I put tap water in first then water conditioner will the chlorine in my tap water kill all my beneficial bacteria?

    Setting up a new tank and I put some rocks and filter media from my other tanks in to help cycle but I just realized that even though I've always done it this way does the chlorine kill my beneficial bacteria? I always put tap water in and then conditioner in after I fill the water up.
  20. Circus

    Sump? Canister? Sponge Filter?

    So, I recently purchased a 90bgallon acrylic tank, that was originally used as a saltwater tank. It did not come with a sump/filter, but has the fitting for it(I believe). What do I need to get this tank going (freshwater) other than a good cleaning.