new tank

  1. Cuileann

    pH out of wack

    Hello, I’m very new to the hobby and it was an emergency rehoming situation to which I obtained the fish. Long story short, I have the fish in a 54 litre but I am currently cycling a 105 litre for them. The 54 litre with the fish is currently cycling too The problem is my pH levels are not...
  2. C

    35L (7 gallon) shrimp tank advice

    I'm currently cycling a 7G tank for housinf cherry shrimp there a a fee zebra snails too. What small single(pair) tropical fish other than a betta can I add that wont eat shrimp fry or mind being solitary. All suggestions welcome?
  3. B

    Corydoras unknown death

    Hey everybody, I recently stocked my 10g tank and after about 3 days one of my cories died. As a side note, this is my first aquarium. So, I let the tank cycle for about 3-4 weeks, it is mildly planted with enough hiding spots. As for the fish, I put together a female betta, a neritina snail...
  4. April_ht

    How many platys in 70 litres (18 US Gallons)?

    I’ve recently gotten a new 70 litre tank which has been cycled and fish were added in earlier today. I’ve got 9 platy fish, ranging from 1.5-2 inches, 5 males and 4 females and 2 small sucking catfish. I know the male to female ratio is off and I’m planning on getting rid of 3+ males soon, and I...
  5. J

    Moving fish to new tank, not sure of the best way

    Hi, can’t figure out the best way to do this even after many hours googling. I took on my friends fish, a black neon tetra and bristle nose in a 23L tank. Obviously too small and the neon should be with others. I have bought and set a 200L tank for them, what is the best way to do the move...
  6. tubeteeth

    I need help. Huge ammonia spike, won't go down.

    I have been trying to cycle this 10gal tank for 4 months now. I put in fish food once, and it had a massive ammonia spike over the chart reading and it won't go down. I've been doing daily 50% water changes for a month now and there is no change. Algae is growing, my plants are doing fine, but...
  7. carligraceee

    37g Cycling Journal: Advice Welcome!

    Hey guys. This is going to be where I keep my water changes (I also have a Google Sheet). I really just want to keep up with my results and see if they are normal and where they are supposed to be! Your advice is welcome and appreciated. Plants: - Amazon Sword - Dwarf Hairgrass - Umbrella...
  8. carligraceee

    Stocking a 37g TopFin Bubble Wall

    Hey guys! I purchased my 37g tank today! I will be splurging and getting a tank stand as well, tomorrow. I just set it up as much as I could, I will be filling it with water and starting the cycle tomorrow (I got liquid ammonia today, pure ammonia hydroxide). Anyways, I would like to know if my...
  9. D

    Do you do water changes while cycling?

    I've read mixed things on if you're supposed to do water changes or not during cycling. My ammonia level is about 8ppm nitrite I would say is between 0 and .25ppm and no Nitrate is id about 20 ppm. I have 2 live plants in there if that helps. And im supposed to be doing anything to my tank or...
  10. Z

    Suggestions to build out my community?

    Just got my tank established and cycled so I am not running out to do anything immediately but want to plan next steps. I am definitely new to this so I want to keep it simple and hardy to begin. Tank conditions: 20 gallons, pH ~7.5 (trying to get this down), temp ~78 F. Soft water Fish that...
  11. carligraceee

    36g Stocking, Plants, Cycling

    Hey guys! I have created a thread similar to this but now my tank is getting closer. I have decided it was my obligation to save for a tank before I save for a car, especially since my mom is willing to pay for my car (I just wanted to help out haha). So here are some questions I have! Cycling...
  12. SAChichlidLover

    Opinions on this tank concept

    Hi all, this is my proposed project so things might change last minute yet but heres a rough plan. After a month of research and planning I have came up with my new tank concept. Its going to be an aggressive/predatory cichlid tank with a jack dempsey, salvini, tiger oscar, gold saum, sailfin...
  13. Kat1053

    Rasbora or danio?

    Hi everyone! I’m kind of new to fish keeping I currently have a male betta fish and a zebra snail in a 5 gallon tank and I’m in the process of cycling a 10 gallon but I can’t decide wether to get galaxy rasboras or maybe zebra danios, the filter I have for the 10gal has a bit of a current and my...
  14. A

    Ich and fish-in-cycling

    Hi! I am very new to having a fish tank. My kids have been asking for one so my hubby took them to a local farm and pet store and got a tank and GloFish. It’s a small tank, 5 gallons, and we got 5 fish. He was told we could set it up and put them in right away. After some reading I now know that...
  15. L

    Mystery Guppy Death

    Help! I’ve been keeping fish for years. Had a break from the hobby for a few years when we moved home. Set up a new aquarium details below. It’s cycled for 3 weeks and then added a group of male and female guppies from local store. All was well for about three days and the we began observing the...
  16. JohnnyFish

    Finished Tank!

    I just thought I would add a pic of my (almost) finished 37l tank! i'm planning to add shrimp in a few weeks, probably cherries, but i'm not sure how many is a good place to start?
  17. Falconwithaboxon

    New Tank

    I just got this new 45 gallon tank set up. It uses live plants, rocks, driftwood, and sand. I tried setting up a couple of distinct areas. Heavily planted on the right, moderate/light planting with driftwood and rocks in the center, and a lot of rocks on the left. This took a a few hours but I'm...
  18. Falconwithaboxon

    Driftwood and Rocks

    Hello guys, I am starting to decorate my new tank. All I have currently is the sand. I'm am doing heavily planted with driftwood and rocks. I was wondering if I could use any wood for the driftwood, so long as I clean it right. I live next to a couple rivers and a large lake so I have a lot to...
  19. Falconwithaboxon

    45 gallon ideas

    Hello guys, I just bought a 45 gallon tank and am just looking for ideas. It is sand on bottom and will be heavily planted with driftwood as decoration. If anyone has a similar tank a picture would be appreciated so I can get ideas. I was also wondering good stocking ideas. I have 2 angelfish...
  20. Falconwithaboxon

    New Tank

    Hello guys, So I just bought a 45 gallon aquarium off of Facebook. I checked and the has no leaks or cracks. I'm just wondering what would be the best way to clean the glass. I was just going to get a Mr Clean eraser. Last time I got a tank I used vinegar and scotch brite but I was reading that...