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  1. Oblio

    Tap water specs - Chlorine vs. other disinfectants and Water Conditioner

    So I located the spec sheet for our local tap water. It appears that they use Chlorine but they also list some other Chlorine compounds. I noticed that API Water Conditioner has a dose rate that is much higher for Chloramine vs Chlorine. Would I be able to use the Chlorine dose rate give the...
  2. S

    Chloramines & Nitrates Paradox

    Hey guys: Been reading for years, this is my first post. I've been in and out of the hobby for 30+ years, so I'm not a newbie. But there's always something around the corner that makes me feel like one! I have a 29 gallon heavily stocked freshwater tank with no live plants. Filter is a DIY...
  3. L

    A few questions

    hello I’m relatively new to the hobby of fishkeeping, I’ve had a betta a for a few years (in a 10 gallon) but have finally gotten a 30 gallon that is finally cycled, I had some issues cycling it as my city uses chloramine in the water but it’s there now. I know I’m going to add 3 platies and...
  4. J

    Water Conditioners

    I am setting up a black water biotope 50 gal aquarium, and a similar 35 litre quarantine or hospital tank. I ran the 35 litre tank with sand, bogwood, and almond leaves and the ph stabilised at 6.5, with GH at 3o DH. I then added Nutrafin Aqua+ to remove any chloramines, chlorine or heavy...