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  1. C

    General Questions

    Hello guys! I'm a french animals stan and french engineer. I'm on a project of making a device able to make the settings easier and cheaper for a reptile enclosure or an aquarium. And for that, I need opinions from enclosure/aquarium holder. So if you please can answer to the poll ^^ I'll...
  2. lina

    Heater problems!!!! help pls

    I checked the temp of my tank and it was a whopping 90 so i stupidly took the heater out and you know what that caused there are visible overheating marks on the heater but no glass breaking or cracks i am just wondering if it is safe to use
  3. D

    Dalmatian Molly Not Swimming

    Help! I just set up a tank less than a week ago with 5 female mollies. I’m new to this but it’s important to me that my fish are happy and healthy. One of my mollies seems off. She doesn’t swim around and stays in the top corner near the heater. My other 4 mollies seem fine and swim around. At...
  4. V

    No!! Unexpected swim in peace!!

    I had a betta in a 5 gallon, with heater and filter. The other day I realized she was acting really lethargic. I realized her heater wasn't working like it was supposed to. So, since this was an emergency situation, I took the heater from my other tank to place it in her tank, so she didn't...
  5. G

    Selling Freshwater Rocks, Plants, and Essentials

    Rocks with bacteria - $7 each Various Plants ($ depends on the plant) - SOLD Driftwood - $15 Heater - $20 Pinguin 350 Filter - $45 Filter Media - $4 each Air Stone - $6 - SOLD Air Pump - $17
  6. outofwater

    Cold nights, spotty heating

    So last night I had to wrap the tank with towels because the apt heat was spotty and the tank heater was on nonstop. Thankfully it kept up, didn't let the temp drop below 74 in the tank. The maintenance people seem to have fixed the heat issue in the building today. I have a silicone rubber...
  7. Falconwithaboxon

    Broken Heater

    So I got home today and the heater in my tank was broken in half. I immediately took it out of the tank and went and bought a new one. I was just wondering if there's any issues that may have caused. All the fish are acting fine but there was what it looked like a chemical buildup, brown foam...
  8. Dephea

    150L tank heater recommendation

    I have a 150L tank that I need to bring up to 30 degrees because of ich. The heater in it was included when I bought the tank, it's a SuperFish one. Unfortunately I can't get higher than 28 degrees. Tank is now insulated on the bottom, back and 2 sides, lid on top. Heater placed by the filter so...
  9. Circus

    Good Heater for 90 Gallon

    I have been looking at heaters for when I set up my 90 gallon semi aggressive tank. I want one that will be consistent and stable for 79°F. I prefer adjustable heaters and am looking at 300 Watts. Brands I have looked at are Aquatop, Aqueon Pro series, Fluval, and Eheim. Are there any real...
  10. ember04

    Pond heaters

    Can anyone recommend a good heater for a patio pond? I have a 68-gallon pond and need a heater that can go outside and keep the water at about 15 degrees celsius all year round ember04
  11. S

    Buy with or without filter/ heater

    Newbee question.. Just splashing out ona 240l tank and cabinet... Question is.. Do I go for a heater and filter included or do I get separates.. I keep reading both sides but am unsure.. Just there's no points buying a set to find the output on the filters rubbish or that I need more juice in...
  12. Jan Cavalieri

    Trying to Understand what happened

    I've lost a lot of fish in two days -19 or 20. I just want to know if anybody else agrees with me so others can learn from my mistakes. I have two expensive water heaters with thermometers. In fact you set the heater with the thermometer. Two of my tanks have these because I was sick of...
  13. S

    110 gallon inline heaters

    I'm looking for some good inline heaters for my 110 gallon fish tank. The inline heater I got orginally isn't working properly. So I am willing to listen to any suggestions on other inline heaters as I do not want to crowd the tank with heaters. It is a rather tall tank but I am going to have...
  14. F

    Help with aquarium heater?

    I need some opinions on what to do regarding my aquarium heater. I have a 3.5 gallon tank and the Aqueon 10W mini heater. My thermometer (which I’m not sure I fully trust, but anyway) says that when I leave the heater plugged in the water gets up to about 83 degrees Fahrenheit. It stays...
  15. Tttay89

    My friend accidentally had his filter AND heater off for two weeks!!! HELP

    Right... My friend is getting rid of his fish and tank and moved It into his kitchen two weeks ago. I assumed he filled it up again when he moved it down...however... I went there yesterday to rehome some of his fish. And I was shocked to see it only half full with no water pumping through the...
  16. V

    Goldy Tank

    Hi there, i'm new here I have 2 oranda lionhead and 2 ranchu of about 7 cm. I'm working on a 450 litres for them but i have a few questions to ask you. 1) which are the ideal parameters for them? Ph kh gh? 2) do they need a heater? Do you think 20 c is ok for them or is too hot? I'm a bit...
  17. casdeswinchester

    Squealing heater

    I recently done a water change for my 40gallon fish tank, however I accidently forgot to turn off the heater, when I noticed I quickly switched it off though it wasnt out of water for too long. When the tank was filled back up, I plugged in the heater and two days later it is making a loud...
  18. H

    Tank Help

    so im pretty new to the aquariam hobby but i want to get an African Dwarf Frog. ive done tons of research and think im ready. however i was wondering some things. i want to get a 10 gallon tank recommendations for best heater and filter for ADF? Also do the plants need to be real, and if so...
  19. M

    Heater watts for a five gallon

    So a little bit of background first. I'm in college and I live in the dorms. A neighbor on my floor bought six male guppies and two mystery snails, and stuck them all in a 2.5 gal without heat/filter/air, and without proper bacteria supplement and tap water purifier. Two guppies died. After...
  20. blueseas

    First day fish disaster?

    I've just bought a male betta and he was settling in well to my ten gallon, when about 3 hours in, there started to be trouble with the heater. It started turning off and not on again, and I kept having to manually turn it on every five minuites. I was worried because I know that the temperature...