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Nov 27, 2019
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Hi there, i'm new here
I have 2 oranda lionhead and 2 ranchu of about 7 cm. I'm working on a 450 litres for them but i have a few questions to ask you.
1) which are the ideal parameters for them? Ph kh gh?
2) do they need a heater? Do you think 20 c is ok for them or is too hot?
I'm a bit confused about it because i know they are freshwater fish but i have lionhead and ranchu together
3) do the tank need airstone? I plan to plant a lot my tank with vallisneria giant, microsorum and anubias and a pothos, but i don't know if they will produce enough oxigen
4) does the tank need a cover or should i let it open? I mean in a planted tank does it need to be open?
Thanks in advance for all your answers and help
Hello and welcome! Fancy goldies such as yours require a bit warmer temp than single tailed goldfish. 70 - 74F is good. I do not have a heater in any of my Goldie tanks but my house is kept at a steady 72F. I keep lids on my tanks to hold temp in and reduce evaporation. It is not a requirement though. If you have cats I would have one. I do use air stones in my tanks for my goldfish only as they do require a lot of oxygen. Goldfish will eat almost any plant you add to their tank with the exception of anubias and amazon sword. They also enjoy digging them up so I Super Glue my anubias to small stones. Fancy goldfish require 20 gallons for the first fish and an additional 10G for each additional one. Big eyed goldfish don’t see well and can’t compete with smaller eyed ones for food. Therefore, keep the same type of eye size together. I hope this helps you some.
Thanks a lot for your answer and for answering all my questions.
It's really lovely to be here ;)

Just one more question, :rolleyes: how can i clean the glasses of the tank before the setup?
Is it a new tank? You can wipe it down with h vinegar and rinse well. If it has calcium buildup, you can soak it with vinegar and very gently scrape it with a safety blade. Only glass, not acrylic. :)
No it is a tank that worked since last week. It has pirana inside, to what i understand they were healty but i plan to clear it properly just to be safe with my puppies.
Then i go with vinegar ! :)

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