plant choice

  1. V

    What plants will take over a tank?

    It kind of sucks to keep buying stationary plants that don't grow out to make a tank look more planted. I'm new to live plants, but I want more than stacking up on plants like java fern, amazon sword, and anubias. I want plants that you don't have to buy a lot of to make a tank look adequately...
  2. V

    Goldy Tank

    Hi there, i'm new here I have 2 oranda lionhead and 2 ranchu of about 7 cm. I'm working on a 450 litres for them but i have a few questions to ask you. 1) which are the ideal parameters for them? Ph kh gh? 2) do they need a heater? Do you think 20 c is ok for them or is too hot? I'm a bit...
  3. A

    Best live plant for a 25 litre tank with mollies and platties

    Hello! Could anyone please suggest any live plant that would be good for a 25 litre tank with 2 mollies and 2 platties? I do not have any CO2 system and have a substrate made of small stones, so I would like a plant that is hardy and does not need much.
  4. Aeontha

    Setting up a 180 Liter tank (47,5 gallon) Any tips on my fish and plant choices?

    Hi, I recently purchased an 180 Liter (47,5 gallons) Juwel tank with a curved front. I got it used and have cleaned it out properly and it should now be ready to start adding substrate, decor, water and eventually plants. It is not ready for fish yet but I have made a list of fish that id like...