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  1. Stefan3289

    Territorial convict parrot hybrid help

    Hello all, The other day I noticed one of my PB convict parrot cichlids was being very territorial over a area on the right side of my tank. Currently I took him out the tank while I clean. What are some things I could try? I have 6 of them to reduce the aggression and so one doesn’t get picked...
  2. SRbettas

    Setting up first dirted tank, so many questions

    Hi all it’s been a while but I’m glad to be back. Anyway as the title says I am setting up my first dirted tank and have a couple questions. Firstly, how do I know which soil is safe, I’ve heard organic topsoil is best but I’m scared I’m going to put something toxic in my tank? I’m also very...
  3. H

    Superfish QubiQ 30 set up?

    Hi everyone! I'm new ish to the hobby and finally decided to upgrade my Bettas tank to a superfish QubiQ 30. Does anyone have any experience setting these up, specifically in regards to where to put the black water pump... I'm a bit confused cause it not on any photos and I really can't find a...
  4. Quin

    Tank progress

    I'm going to record the progress of the set up of my new 10 gallon tank here, feel free to tune in! I didn't have a 5 gallon bucket, but I did have a new unused trash can that I wiped down. It took me 5 trips but my tank is now full of crystal clear water! It's already much brighter than the...
  5. V

    Goldy Tank

    Hi there, i'm new here I have 2 oranda lionhead and 2 ranchu of about 7 cm. I'm working on a 450 litres for them but i have a few questions to ask you. 1) which are the ideal parameters for them? Ph kh gh? 2) do they need a heater? Do you think 20 c is ok for them or is too hot? I'm a bit...
  6. B

    How much do YOU spend on a 10 gal betta tank?!

    Hi! I’m doing a contest for college and $1250 is on the line. I’m designing a beginner friendly and humane kit for bettas. So how much have you spent in the past on a 10 gallon betta tank? Including the tank itself, heater, filter, substrate, live plants, hides, lights, water change equipment...
  7. N

    Betta tail rot--proper treatment??

    Hi there! I'm new to this forum as well as being a new fishy caregiver!! I recently got a male veiltail about a month back named nugget. He is in a 5gallon planted tank with standard gravel, driftwood, 3 ghost shrimps, and some moss balls (will post pictures). About 2 weeks after I got him I...
  8. F

    Decisions Decisions - Choosing My First Tank

    Hi There Everyone,   Recently became interested in keeping fish. I have never done this before but am fascinated by many aspects of it and can't wait to get started. I'm a biologist, so some of the technical stuff I understand, but there's no substitute for experience and that's why I'm here.  ...
  9. beast1605

    New 40-55 Gallon Inhabitants/tank Mates

    Hello all and thanks for looking into my topic.  I am relatively new to having my own aquariums but have grown up with them my whole life. I started young with large predatory fish and now at nearly 30 im looking into this new world of "Nano Fish" for freshwater. Thus far ive found Celestial...
  10. damienford

    Making A 7Ft Tank

    Hello so last night after a grilling about the poorly planned tank set up. i was talking with the girlfriend ive decided to upgrade again after 2-3 months of the 6ft so rather than buying a glass tank im atempting to make the bigest acrylic tank ive made so far. So this morning i done a 3d plan...
  11. Danielhorvath

    New Tank Set Up!

    Hi, okay so I've already got a tank, but have a bigger newer one and would like some advice on how to set it up, Measurements are L 90 cm W 28 cm H 37 cm 93.24 litres 24.631 gallons, What type of fish would be best suited for this tank? I want it to be a cichlid tank, How many fish would I...
  12. W

    Black Ghost Knifish Died

    Hi, this is my first post to this forum and I was wondering why my black ghost knife fish died. I started a tank about two month ago, and got the knife fish one month ago. It is a 55 gallon tank with one filter, a heater set to 76 degrees Fahrenheit, two tank lights with covers, and an automatic...