1. T

    Suggestions!? Goldfish at bottom of tank...

    I have an Oranda goldfish whos just sitting at the bottom of the tank. Noticed he was acting different a few days ago, after another goldfish died in the tank. Did a water change... but noticed he still wasnt swimming much. Now it seems like he tries to swim and sinks back down. Anything i...
  2. T

    Help! White Stuff on Goldfish Head

    Ive noticed my oranda has white stuff coming out of its head. I have 4 other goldfish, but are all doing fine. Cant figure out what it is...
  3. R

    Red chin

    I have a black moor goldfish in a 10 gallon tank who has a red spot under his chin. I only noticed it within the past week and I’m not really sure what it is. I tested the water and just did a change and everything is normal. Is it bleeding? If so what do I do?? I tried to take pictures the best...
  4. R

    Black Moor red spot

    I have a black moor goldfish in a 10 gallon tank who has a red spot under his chin. I only noticed it within the past week and I’m not really sure what it is. I tested the water and just did a change and everything is normal. Any ideas?
  5. casdeswinchester

    Goldfish has red sores/lumps on back

    Hello, I've had my white goldfish for about 3 months, they are in a 100l tank and when they get bigger I plan to upgrade it. At the moment they are very small and recently I added more goldfish, a few days later the white goldfish has red lumps on it's back. The white goldfish has always been...
  6. V

    Feeding a fish with a chronical swim bladder

    Hi there, one of my oranda lionhead suffer of a swim bladder desease. I won't give up with her because luckely she merely floats on the top of the tank and after digestion time she swim normally It is the first time i deal with a problem like this, im totally newbie so i need help My personal...
  7. V

    Goldy Tank

    Hi there, i'm new here I have 2 oranda lionhead and 2 ranchu of about 7 cm. I'm working on a 450 litres for them but i have a few questions to ask you. 1) which are the ideal parameters for them? Ph kh gh? 2) do they need a heater? Do you think 20 c is ok for them or is too hot? I'm a bit...
  8. H

    Sister has NEVER changed her water!!!

    So I’m new here I created my account so I could post this. I’ve been in the hobby for about 3 years now and am currently cycling a new tank for some cherry shrimp. I was talking to my sister about getting a bigger tank for her goldfish (carnival goldfish in a 7gal by himself) and then I find...
  9. Zoe Horsfield

    Funfair goldfish

    Hi guys, So this is my first post here - so I have a 25L tank, not very big we are in the process of finding and moving to a new house but the goal is to get a tank 100L + my daughter won a goldfish at the funfair a few months ago and he was brought home in a tank that he couldn’t even swim side...
  10. Ama

    Help me to confirm the goldfish breed

    Yesterday my friend bought a gold fish from nearest pet shop and the store guy sold it as a comet but this one seems like Shubunkin for me. Me and my friend keep arguing about that today. Somebody please confirm the breed.
  11. K

    Open Abscess on Goldfish

    Around 5 years ago I rescued these 3 goldfish. They were super tiny, and in that time I’ve upgraded them from a 2 gallon tank, to 10, 29, and now 60. I’m running a Fluval fx4 on the tank. I do weekly or large bi-weekly water changes. I always considered them to be thriving as they continue to...
  12. Inkweaver313

    Moving with fish?

    Hi. I honestly didn’t know where to post this so I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place. Currently I have (approximate sizes) a 5 inch long, 8 inch long and 11 inch long comet goldfish, a 4 inch long black Moore, 6 African cichlids, and a male betta. In January, I’m going to be moving from...
  13. W

    Goldfish ich?

    Hi all, I have a common comet goldfish that my sister brought home from a fair who is about a year old. He grew up in my 20 gallon and then moved to my dad's 60 about ten months ago, and he has been doing fine. However I noticed he is kind of less energetic lately, and I think he has ich. His...
  14. Ama

    Why my gold fish behaving like this?

    I noticed my comet goldfish is often trying to climb and come out from my pond. Why this behaviour happening. Pond water capacity is around 500 litre and guppies and platies are companions) sorry for the unclear screenshot, i couldn't upload the video... I
  15. Inkweaver313

    Any idea what this is?

    Hi guys. I have a 4.5 year old goldfish and just noticed this weird spot on his side. I’m having a hard time telling what it is. My first thought was he just injured a scale but the more I look at it the more I’m not so sure. Is it a cut? Infected? A parasite? A tumor? How do I find out? He’s...
  16. TheRainbowRoseExperience

    My Goldfish

    I bought this tank & light for $50, I am trusting this home will be enough for at least a year before needing larger quarters. This is a 40-45 gallon tank. I regimes goldfish from 2 gallon tank, previously in a cut crystal bowl of 1 gallon.
  17. M


    Hello, My fish has a large lump on the top of its head. It seems to be clear except for red close to the head. Behavior is normal. Its underbelly is becoming white as well. Is it serious? Is it something I can do anything abut? Thank you. :)
  18. TheRainbowRoseExperience

    Three months in.

    Hello to all reading this thread, I am a novice to both forum posting and aquariums. I did look after a fish tank for a short time 20 years ago but that was pretty simple, feeding & maintenance. Wanting a pair of Betta fish for his birthday this year, we went to our local aquarium supplier...
  19. Donnak

    Which tank

    Hi I’m completely new to this hobby. My son has asked for 2 goldfish, which I’m happy for him to have but I want to do it properly. Could anyone suggest a tank. We went to look yesterday and saw the Ciano Aqua 30 led, which is 25lts. Would this be ok or too small? I don’t want anything to...
  20. S

    What to do After Anchor Worm Infestation

    Hello all, Long story short, after battling an anchor worm infestation for 3 weeks all of my goldfish have passed away. I drained the tank and my canister filter but how long should I wait until I add new stock to restart my tank? I know anchor worms are parasites and cant live without a...