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  1. R

    Goldfish - Help

    Hello guys! I hope you are doing well I have a really serious issue with my goldfish. I recently purchased these fish from someone who was having a pond clear out and decided to buy some of his goldfish for my 400L aquarium. After 1 day, I could see that the fish were not behaving normally...
  2. F

    Help please!! - My goldfish has eaten another fish 😭

    Hi, all: My fantail goldfish has eaten an algae eater yesterday evening (we know she is a greedy fish but this is taking it to another level). As you can see, the fish is stuck in its mouth with the tail hanging out. My goldfish is lethargic and idle, staying at the bottom of the tank. I have...
  3. S

    Goldfish illness

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice on an abscess growing on my goldfishes head. I have owned goldfish and other fresh water fish and this is first time I have come across this problem. I have a Ryukin goldfish with a lump on his head that has slowly grown over time. All other fish in...
  4. V

    How do you clean a tank that hasn't been cleaned in a while?

    I've decided that I wanted to help out with my parent's turtle tank. However, I'm afraid that with me doing newly frequent water changes it could harm them. For context, the tank has turtles and goldfish. Which will go into a pond eventually, but it's a big project. I don't want to harm them by...
  5. Kyshiara

    Baby goldfish

    Hello! My goldfish have been breeding, and I have about 40-50 fry. Half of them are an Orange Goldfish x Sarasa Comet, and the other half an Orange Goldfish x Shubunkin. The Sarasa fry are around 3 weeks, and their caudal fins are developing nicely. They are in a jar currently, but I plan to...
  6. R

    Fish curled up in tank, other tank mates dead, need help

    Hi, I have a small comet goldfish and two rosy red minnows living in a 10 gal tank. I’ve had the goldfish for over a year and the minnows for about 5 months. Yesterday I noticed the goldfish swimming erratically and unable to balance. I assumed it was swim bladder disease as the other two fish...
  7. C

    Goldfish with prolapsed rectum and prone to swimming upside down

    So my fish Cupcake is a Calico Thai Oranda in a 20 gallon tank. She is a sweet fish but a couple months after I got her I did notice her rectum was bulging a bit and did find she had eggs when I noticed her swimming a bit awkwardly. In February the heater died and I have been noticing her...
  8. K

    Goldfish Vertical!

    Can anyone give me insight as to why my goldfish is doing this?! The lil guy is hanging out in the back corner vertically. He is also breathing very heavily. He is usually very active. If anyone has suggestions to what is causing this and how to fix it it would be greatly appreciated! :)
  9. Yuhui

    Cleaning ick

    Hello, so I’m currently treating ich with salt and Turning up the heat for my goldfishes. Nothing major and most of the ich is already clearly up. I’m still kinda new to the fish hobby and stuff and I’m not sure how to probably clean the filters after the whole ick treatment things clears up. Is...
  10. S

    Tank disease?

    Hi, I know it’s a blurry picture but can anyone identify what is happening in my goldfish tank? I am at a total loss. It’s a 70 gallon. Here is the back story. I have had this specific goldfish tank for over 2 years, have been keeping fish my whole life, and have many other tanks in my house...
  11. Linkandnavi

    Can (Ranchu) Goldfish Choke on Cherry Shrimp

    This morning I discovered a cherry shrimp in my ranchu tank. I have absolutely zero idea how it got there. I have five tanks, two in the house and three in my garden office. The only tank with cherry shrimp is in the house and the ranchu tank is in the office. The ranchu tank is pretty bare...
  12. S


    Guys only recently i posted both my goldfish having finrot....and they healed...moved em to the main again the 2nd goldfish is having severe finrot again incase if yall...
  13. E

    Goldfish Disease Identification ?

    Hi! I’m new to the forum. I’ve been using an other forum for 5 years but we can’t seem to figure out this problem with my goldfish. Thanks in advance for any help and advice. I’ve had this common goldfish for 6 years. Currently in a 20g cycled aquarium alone with a filter and aerator. Ammonia...
  14. S


    I am the guy with 2 shubunkin goldfishes and 2 giant danios PLEASE READ IT FULLY Recently (3 weeks back) one of my goldfish had its tail torn....I ignored this because that particular goldfish has an exceptionally large tail and manages to get it torn every month....but it heals within 2 days...
  15. B

    is my inherited black moor okay?

    I have a beautiful black moor that I love a lot named Sharkey (like a hammerhead shark!) who I recently inherited from my parents. My parents were fine keeping him (not sure his gender or age, would love to know!) in this tiny 3 gallon. I intervened and placed him in 20 gallon with a filter...
  16. F

    All of my goldfish get dropsy and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    I have been keeping goldfish for 6 years now and for the past 4 years I have had a problem with drospy. It started when I bought a ranchu and kept it in quarentine. I had 2 other fish at the time ( a black moor and a fantail). This ranchu quickly developed dropsy and spread to a black moor in my...
  17. Linkandnavi

    My current six tank setups

    Hi guys, Haven't done this before but thought I'd post my current tank setups. Apologies for the quality of photos/reflections. Taken just before dawn, room lights off, blinds closed and tank lights on and still have reflections... :rolleyes: Anyhow! Tank #1: Angelfish community in my...
  18. M

    I screwed up and my goldfish paid the price.

    I screwed up and feel horrible. I went on a week long vacation, I had someone coming in to feed my fish and take care of my other pets. However, I hadn't realized my two snails had died before I left (most likely of old age, they were over two years old). So, two snails were left to decay in the...
  19. Honey Fish

    What is best tank size for my goldfish?

    I have a goldfish who now has been for 4 years happy In a 5 gallon tank (but probably 4.5 gal of water) so I heard I need to move him a 3 inch long goldfish into a larger tank now a have in length 39 inches to spare in width I have 8-9 spare inches what tank size should I move to I only really...
  20. J

    Goldfish and cichlids pond

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