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  1. ember04

    Pond stocking

    Ok so I have built a 155 gallon or 587 liters raised pond, this pond has an marginal plant shelf and and a lot of in water pond plants which are growing crazerly filling up almost all of the pond at least 75 %. I have stock this with 5 commet goldfish I was wondering if this if ok. Its really...
  2. GobyMaster11276

    Goldfish with fungal infection

    Hey all, One of my goldfish has developed a fungus type infection on his fins and has now been isolated in a hospital tank. I noticed the issue yesterday, since his swimming was abnormal, and today he is on his side, although fortunately still alive. I dosed the tank yesterday with antifungal...
  3. Circus

    Giving Up On Goldfish

    I think I give up on trying to keep goldfish in a community setting. My first (and last) goldfish was just placed into qt, and I am hoping he makes it through the night. If he does I will wait until he is back to full health and donate him to a friend with a pond in their garage. Two of the...
  4. Circus

    Goldfish Alone or Pair?

    Right now I have a 90 gallon unheated tank, sits between 67.9 and 69.8, throughout the day. I only stocked it 3 days ago with a pair of young red cap oranda goldfish, 3 dojo loaches, and a dozen white cloud mountain minnows. One loach bullied (I only noticed the one go after it) and killed one...
  5. Circus

    Shredded? Goldfish Fins

    I was checking all of my tanks when I got up today, and one of the two goldfish I picked up is in sorry condition. His tail is a bit shredded, and the back 1/4 area of his body is a brownish orange, the darkest part around his anus. He is swimming a lot slower today than yesterday, and I saw one...
  6. carligraceee

    Size for black goldfish

    Hello guys! I want to, eventually, sell my 11g for a 29g. I want to stock it with however many black goldfish would fit inside. You know, the ones with the really big eyes?? I used to have one as a child and I want another sooo bad. Of course- I would wait until my current fish children...
  7. T

    Anyone willing to rescue sick goldfish

    Please don't shame me, I really have tried my best to care for this fish but everything has been going wrong and I really need someone to save what I've done to my poor Ester ? Last year I cycled a tank and bought a fancy ryukin goldfish and everything has been going down hill. First the filter...
  8. Falconwithaboxon

    Poor Goldfish

    This is my girlfriend's parent's tank. They have 4 comet goldfish in a 5 gallon. The tank has no lights. It has a filter and a bubbler. They keep it clean. They put a lot of work into the tank but I can't help but feel bad for them. They said I can take the fish but I don't have a big enough...
  9. Circus

    Fine Bubble Airstone

    So, I was doing some online shopping for my upcoming goldfish tank. I have decided on substrate, decorations, and plants. I have my airpump, but now I need an airstone. I know the goldfish need more oxygen, which means I need more gas exchange, which I believe means I need finer bubbles...
  10. Natabettas

    In need of some opinions from goldfish keepers!

    just yesterday I was given a goldfish from a friend. My friend had gotten the fish when they were 9 and they’re now 17. They say that they just didn’t have the time to take care of him anymore. I slowly acclimated him to the new water and temp. He was living in a 5 maybe 10 gallon tank his...
  11. E

    Maybe Ich, maybe not???

    I have a goldfish (Hope) and 10 days ago I noticed that she had some white spots on her. I noticed this a couple hours after adding 6 new smaller goldfish to the tank. The next day I went and got API Ich medication and started treatment. I went through the entire process twice over the course of...
  12. ember04

    Common or comet goldfish in pond, how many?

    Hi there as you may of see from a few other threads of mine, I am starting a 140 gallon 525-litre pond with the dimensions of 150 wide, 70 deep and 50 heigh (cm) this pond will be insulated and heated over winter I am going to get a few common or commit goldfish (not together) my question is how...
  13. ember04

    Fancy gold fish good or not

    Hi there so I was going to make a 120-gallon pond in my garden I was going to keep only 4 fancy goldfish as I like to understock my tanks be honest with me are fancy goldfish unethical I see this everywhere and I don't know what to do these are the only options as I don't have spaces for...
  14. Moopoo


    Just wanted to say hi.. I have 2 goldfish called rocky and Robyn and a variety of tropical including a aquactic frog called bert!... I've never had a frog before so loving this wee man.. ? Rocky is a miracle fish as when my son looked after him through different issues with tank and various...
  15. GobyMaster11276

    Plant suggestions for low-light outdoor pond

    Title says most of it. I have a 300l goldfish pond, lightly stocked (3 fish) and under shade most of the time. The water is quite cold due to its outdoor setting and lack of heating, so I need plants that will withstand and thrive in these conditions. What species would work?
  16. GobyMaster11276

    Pond filter recommendations

    Hi all, The impeller of my (admittedly not amazing) pond filter went during routine maintenance yesterday and I am in need of a replacement. Since I cannot remember the model or brand of my current one (having bought it years ago secondhand), I am looking for something new to help keep the...
  17. Circus

    80 Gallon Goldfish Tank a d Tankmates

    So I am setting up an 80 gallon for goldfish. I was thinking I wanted 5 goldfish, with some tank mates. What are my options? Ph around 7.4 and hardness tends toward 110 ppm. It would be an unheated tank, so think 68 to 70 °F. I was thinking 3 Hoplo catfish and a BN Pleco.
  18. C

    What is the best diet for golden fish?

    Hello, I am 9 years old and I am feeding an animal for the first time. I initially started with golden fish for responsibility. The colors of these fishes enchant me. I have 6 small Japanese fish. As a result of my research on the internet, goldfish can eat anything...
  19. B

    white "bone-like" thing on my fish upper lip

    yesterday it not appear and has color but now there is no color like this
  20. Danby

    Gold fish Eye Problem

    Hi as you can see in the attached photos, one of fishes eyes has turned red. Im worried and a little lost about what to do, For the last two weeks, ive noticed a white spot in the middle of this eye, assuming it was some sort of blindness or bacterial infection i started doing 2x weekly water...