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Oct 25, 2019
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Around 5 years ago I rescued these 3 goldfish. They were super tiny, and in that time I’ve upgraded them from a 2 gallon tank, to 10, 29, and now 60. I’m running a Fluval fx4 on the tank. I do weekly or large bi-weekly water changes. I always considered them to be thriving as they continue to grow and I figured I’d have to upgrade their tank again in the next year or so.

A few years ago, one of them developed a small bump on his side. As he got bigger, so did the bump. He then started to develop another one. I chalked them up to being tumors, until this morning, when I noticed that the large one had ruptured open. I immediately dosed the tank with stress guard in the meantime.

What type of abscess does this look like and what can I do to help this poor guy?! How do I know whether it is in fact a tumor or something else, like bacterial?

Apparently my photos are too large to post here and I’m not sure how to resize them, so please view this link for the photos:
I believe it’s Lymphocystis. One if my goldfish has it too. There is no cure but the fish can still have a good life. Keep him as stress free as possible as stress will cause a bigger outbreak. The cyst do pop on occasion but will usually come back. Keep the water very clean. I swab the cyst with methylene blue when it pops. (I believe you posted on another forum. I answered there too). :)

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