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  1. K

    Open Abscess on Goldfish

    Around 5 years ago I rescued these 3 goldfish. They were super tiny, and in that time I’ve upgraded them from a 2 gallon tank, to 10, 29, and now 60. I’m running a Fluval fx4 on the tank. I do weekly or large bi-weekly water changes. I always considered them to be thriving as they continue to...
  2. M

    Out of ideas for illness

    My female betta has a patch on her side that looks tan in some lighting and white in others for the last 3 weeks. It is not super raised but is noticeable. The patch has gotten slightly larger even after both fungal and bacterial treatment. She is active and eats like a pig and does not show any...
  3. F

    Strange Fungal or Bacterial Disease?

    Hi all, I’ve come here because I’m having problems with my 1 year old female betta. Over the past month or so, she’s developed a white sort of fuzz or flaky looking fungus primarily on her head. When we first noticed it, we treated her with primafix, and it went away. About a week later, it...
  4. E

    URGENT! Bacterial + fungal treatment options

    Meet Barrance, I have had him for 2 years and he has always been super healthy, active and exploding with personality. He has never been ill before. I noticed this spot on his back behind his top fin and tail fin. After tons of research, I was convinced it was colomnaris...I just started...
  5. L

    Disease In Tank - Help - 1 Gone Already

    Hello all,    I have a disease in my tank which seems to be slowly spreading. Any advice/feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance   About a month ago I had my Dwarf Neon Rainbow die from an unknown disease. here is what happened.   He had pop eye a few months back, but I treated him for...
  6. VickyChaiTea

    What Is This Deadly Infection?

    Alright, so, I have been seeing this infection around for a few years... and only in bettas. I first noticed it at work on a few bettas after their bowls had gone uncleaned for too long. It looked like grey patches (not raised patches, like the scales and skin had turned grey) on their fins and...
  7. RCA

    Betta; Bacterial, Worms, Egg Bound, Dropsy?

    Do you think I can save this girl? Any advice welcome. This is what she would typically look like:   So as you can she she is normally a little round, but she has got larger over the past 24 hours:   What you can see is she is larger on one side and it looks like there is some reddening on...