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Mar 7, 2019
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so im pretty new to the aquariam hobby but i want to get an African Dwarf Frog. ive done tons of research and think im ready. however i was wondering some things.
i want to get a 10 gallon tank
recommendations for best heater and filter for ADF?
Also do the plants need to be real, and if so whats the best type and how do i plant them properly?

i was also wondering about tank mates.
i think i want 2 african dwarf frogs, a few cherry shrimp, and maybe a mystery snail and some type of pretty guppy type fish.
is this foing to be far too overcrowded?
should i discard some of those ideas?
any tips are welcomed and appreciated!!
Thank you in advance!
Welcome to TFF.

I have been waiting for members with experience with the frogs to post. But I can say that frogs and fish generally do not work together. Some fish will pick on the frogs, or out-compete them at feeding time. I don't know if the frogs would consider the shrimp food, but that is possible.

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