1. Elrohirthehasty

    Sparkling Gourami And Ember Tetra Compatibility

    Any thoughts on 1m, 3f sparkling gouramis and 12 ember tetras in a 20gallon tank?  Would the embers nip the gouramis? Would the gouramis be territorial (and the embers take any of the brunt).     If this would work, would there be space for a clean up crew? What would you recommend?   This is...
  2. Elrohirthehasty

    Compatability: Amano And Red Cherry Shrimp

    Hi all,  I've been away from the forums for a long time, so it's nice to be back.  I'll be to the point tho:   I've just converted my 10g tank to an invert tank.  I have some serpae tetras and some other random fish in there before and two amano shrimp that were quite happy.  I took out all the...
  3. beast1605

    New 40-55 Gallon Inhabitants/tank Mates

    Hello all and thanks for looking into my topic.  I am relatively new to having my own aquariums but have grown up with them my whole life. I started young with large predatory fish and now at nearly 30 im looking into this new world of "Nano Fish" for freshwater. Thus far ive found Celestial...
  4. L

    "adopted" Some Fish...what Else Can I Get?

    Hello! I've recently adopted some fish from a relative who decided they no longer wanted their aquarium. Luckily, I had a 75 gallon just sitting here that I've wanted to set up again. They gave me the fish, some decorations, some plants, and a Magnum 350 filter. Score! :) These are the...
  5. X

    30 Gallon Gourami's

    Hello, I'm a beginner aquarist starting up a 30 Gallon planted tank and am planning in putting a variety of Gourami's in it. My question lies in, which Gourami's are compatible together? and which of those can live in a 30 gallon tank? It may be important to add, I plan on keeping the tank...