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  1. B

    Help! Silver tip tetra belly swollen

    First Post. Just noticed my silver tip tetra with a huge belly, the skin around it looks sore. He or she is still active but struggling slightly. Any idea what this is? Got a photo attached. Thanks all
  2. S

    Bloated Female Betta, constipated, egg bound, or dreaded dropsy?

    Hello Tropical Fish Forums! I'm a long time reader, first time writer. Can you please help me figure out if my betta is egg bound, constipated, or has dropsy? Video for reference: . Symptoms: Swollen belly for about 2-3 weeks. I first noticed when I got my male betta. They were never housed...
  3. B


    My betta has had a swollen belly for the past couple of days. He's still swimming around, wanting to eat, and overall acting pretty normal. I'm worried because after researching I discovered something as horrible as dropsy exists. I've looked at the all the symptoms and looked at Bruce. There...
  4. M


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  5. B

    Weather Loach help?

    Hi, this is my first post on this website. I'm unsure whether this is in the right category or even whet her I am doing this right so if it's wrong feel free to amend this. Here goes nothing.. I have had a fairly fat weather loach now for just over a month I'd say with another loach, a green...
  6. dopey696

    Betta problems

    Hello peoples. My betta that I've had for about a year now seems to be having some problems. I first noticed about a week ago that it was a bit lethargic and not moving as much as it usually does. It seems to have no energy, doesn't swim around, and is always resting on top of things. Today as I...
  7. thrujenseyes

    Help with medication

    My male guppy has been very bloated for almost a week. (Picture 1) Wasn't sure of the cause so I did a few Epsom salt baths with no resolve. Hadn't eaten or pooped in days and looked like he was going to pop. I quarantined in bowl and treated with smaller doses of Epsom salt and changed...
  8. thrujenseyes

    What to do with bloated male guppy

    This is what happens when I try to ensure that my otocinclus' get fed. This piggy (and his four endler friends) gorge themselves and now this guy seems in a pickle. Seems he can't poop. The only way I can make sure my ottos get fed is to distract the fish with a small piece of algae wafer or...
  9. mookat

    Betta ate an algae wafer. Now what?

    So Ruth, my year and a half old betta, decided to eat *an entire tetra algae wafer* intended for the two mystery snails that occupy his tank. I had not given them algae wafers previously, so did not expect Ruth to be such a piggy; he had also just had three frozen blood worms. 24 hours later...
  10. F

    Male Guppy Bloated, Lost Tail, Black Eye

    Hello all,   (Sorry for coming here only when I have a problem...    )   We set up this tank 1.5 years ago, and after the first difficult 6 months it was finally fine, cycled (Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0 - 0.25, Nitrate 20 - 40), peaceful, perfect. Well, almost perfect, since we had only 4 small fishes...
  11. L

    Hi All ...new And Looking For Advice, Please.

    Hello all.   I have a small 15 u.s gallon tank which I have set up as a planted community tank, mainly with live bearers for the enjoyment of my 5 year old boy (and myself, of course).   It is a busy little set up with plenty of plants, bog wood and live rock. It has been well cycled and has...
  12. AquaPit

    Bloated Cories?

    I think I must have overfed them! I noticed that the cories, especially the Hasborus, looks bloated and heavy! I have since fast them for two days now.. Is there anything I can do to help with their bloatedness?? Tks a bundle!
  13. D

    Help! I Have A Sick Fish And Don't Know What To Do!

    I have a 25 gallon freshwater fish tank. I woke up this morning turned on the light and went bathroom just like every morning. Then after I used the bathroom I can back and fed them like usual. Then I started watching them and one of my guppies at first was laying on the bottom not coming to get...
  14. S

    New Member With A Pregnant Molly?

    Hello everyone! I'm new here but would love to start chatting! I have 2 dalmation mollies and 2 sunburst platties in a 10 gallon tank together. Both of the dalmation are girls and both the platties are males. But the last two or three days I noticed one if my mollies getting a little larger...
  15. Spaino

    Sick Neon Tetra & Mollie

    Hi guys - new to this forum and to fishkeeping. We bought our first tank in January this year (2012). We bought a 30L BiOrb (not the round space helmet looking one). It has a rock base (not sand) and various ornaments and plastic plants. We have a heater and use the air filter that came with it...