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Weather Loach help?

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Feb 10, 2017
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Hi, this is my first post on this website. I'm unsure whether this is in the right category or even whet
her I am doing this right so if it's wrong feel free to amend this. Here goes nothing..

I have had a fairly fat weather loach now for just over a month I'd say with another loach, a green swordtail and some shrimp.

Up until a few days ago he was in a 30l biorb which has now been replaced with an 80l tank. The loaches were extremely happy to have significantly more room than in the previous tank and all the fish are generally a lot more active.

This morning my one loach has not been acting normal, he is floating off up to the top of the tank and staying there still for quite a while before swimming off quite happily like he normally does. He's also letting out quite a bit of gas from his rear end. There are no physical signs of illness apart from the fact that his (I think its called a vent) is on show than my other loach. I'm really concerned about his wellbeing as he has always been the most active in the tank and is slightly bigger than my other loach. I have fed him peas earlier hoping that its just constipation, but when would I see signs of improvement if it was that? Is there any ideas about what this may be and what I can do to help him if it isn't gas like I hope it is?

Thanks in advance, some pictures are attached below

Did you put the old filter media into the new tank's filter, or have you cycled the new tank at all? Do you have test kits to test the water?

I'd be inclined to do a large water change (at least 50%, making sure the new water is temperature matched and dechlorinated, of course) and see if that makes a difference.
I've just done a water test:
Nitrates - 0
Nitrites - 0
pH - 7
KH - 40
GH - 60
Ammonia levels are slightly higher than I'd like but I'll add some ammonia remover in my tank which should hopefully help that. Also been adding filter boost everyday.

Regarding the previous filter, although this is going to make me sound awful, my filter for the biorb broke and so the tank replacement was an emergency set up as my fish were left with no filtration for a night. I know the cycle needs to go through and I know it isn't ideal but I wasn't left with many options and I've been monitoring both the water parameters and the fish very closely I can assure you.

As far as my loach is concerned, unfortunately in the time that it took for this post to be moderated his condition has deteriorated further, but I will go ahead and do a water change hoping that it will help

And there we have it the worst fish owner goes to me!:(
Update: he passed away a few minutes ago. Just hoping that this was a coincidence and that the other fish are all ok. Thanks for your help all the same.
I'm so sorry for your loss :(

Keep up the water changes; any trace of ammonia or nitrite can be fatal for fish.
Where did you get the 80L from?
Just wondering if there was anything that could of contaminated the tank? did you clean it at all?

Anyway, best thing here is big water changes as mentioned.
My 80l was from an aquarium near me, I followed the instructions so didn't do any cleaning before I filled it apart from what was specified on the instructions which was to run the filter under water before putting it in the tank. The only thing I could think to do since I couldn't add the filter was to add a little of the water they were in before and the plants in hopes that some bacteria were still on there.

Thank you for your reply, although this thread was put up to help with my weather loach any help or tips you can give me are ideal as I really just want my fish to be as happy as possible!
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How long have you had the 80L for?
I'm just trying to establish if the new tank is actually ready for them.
You have high ammonia and no nitrates.... Did you cycle the tank?
And chemicals to take away ammonia is just a waste of time really. The only way to get rid of ammonia is to do water changes and keep the water fresh.

I love weather loaches, I have some too and they are so long and strong and it's really sad to see them unhappy and ill.
Do you have sand in the bottom for them to play in? Also mine like to hang out at the top in the plants.

Sorry, I've just read the bit about the broken filter and cycling- I would do a water change 50% every other day and test every day doing water changes (so there's enough water for the fish to stay up right) when it's needed to keep things running.

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