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    hey, I’m new to this site and keeping tropical fish. Was wondering if someone could help, I’ve had my tank set up for 4 days and the last couple a days the tanks became cloudy. Is this normal? The only things in the tank is gravel on the bottom and three plastic plants. I’m adding moss balls...
  2. B

    Weather Loach help?

    Hi, this is my first post on this website. I'm unsure whether this is in the right category or even whet her I am doing this right so if it's wrong feel free to amend this. Here goes nothing.. I have had a fairly fat weather loach now for just over a month I'd say with another loach, a green...
  3. D

    Light Fans

    Some advice needed please! I have just got a second hand orca mt50 tank, the lady selling it to me said one of the light fans was slow to start but worked after a while. I have set up my tank filled with water etc ready to start cycling process tomorrow I turned on the lights the fans both work...