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Jan 9, 2013
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Some advice needed please!
I have just got a second hand orca mt50 tank, the lady selling it to me said one of the light fans was slow to start but worked after a while. I have set up my tank filled with water etc ready to start cycling process tomorrow I turned on the lights the fans both work (one after warming up for a while) but to me they seem very noisy are they meant to be or do they need cleaning or maybe replacing.
any advice would be appreciated thanks
I would personally try cleaning them out. Try blowing them out with compressed air. This should remove most of the dust and dislodge any debris. If they are still noisy i would then try spraying some electrical cleaner on the fan. Note: if you choose to do this make sure you relubricate the bearings in the fan. If the noise still persists after this, then i would say take the fans out and look to see if there is any more debris in the fans that you could clean out. Other wise replace them. You can get electrical cleaner and cans of compressed air at any home improvement or hardware store.
Thanks we have cleaned them out and one works better than the other so I will replace the one that doesn't work so well

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