1. C

    Please identify this species

    Hi everyone I am from the UK and as anyone who's from here will be aware we have a pet store chain called jolleys. Well I recent went to jolleys and I bought for £5 what I thought was a bristlenose pleco as that's what they had it advertised. I am now beginning to believe it is not a...
  2. PlasticGalaxy

    Introduction Post

    Hi! Recently joined this forum since I'm new to this hobby and would love to learn more! I'm Luka and I am very new to personally keeping fish. All my current knowledge on fish comes from my father who has kept fish all his life. As passed-down knowledge only stretches so far, I joined this...
  3. D

    Is my fish pregnant

    Just bought a couple of days ago, if she’s pregnant how long left would you say? Thanks in advance!
  4. FishionistaB

    How long do you think it will take fore my driftwood to sink?

    I have a 7lb manzanita driftwood that I’m waiting to become waterlogged and sink. Anyone with a similar wood size and type that’s gone through this before? Any guesses on how long? Everything I’ve been reading online has been all over the place as far as how long it should take. It has been 1...
  5. K

    Blue LED light?

    Me again :rolleyes: Are there benefits to having a blue LED moonlight on in the tank? My new tank I've set up has a long white LED and a short blue LED. You can have them on singularly or both together. I presume the "moonlight" is good for nocturnal fish? Will it have any negative effect on...
  6. A

    is my tank okay?

    so i’ve bought 2 sets of 2 gallon tanks 1 week ago. one for my betta and one for purposely breeding pest snails and algae. so im focusing more on my betta tank no filtration planted (only 1 stem plant) theres soil and in where the live plant is planted and artificial green colored gravel i...
  7. Halawrence

    Betta Fish Water Change

    Hello! I am new to the betta fish world and my betta, Prince lives in a 5.5 gallon tank. I have his filter on the lowest setting and have his water tank heater at 78 degrees F. After the first week and a half I just changed about 15% of his water. I made sure he had the correct temp and...
  8. N

    Newbie - c.80-90cm wide/c.125 L tank suggestions, setup and general advice (upgrading from 19L)

    I’m a newbie who was gifted a small Fluval Spec 19L tank (″ (W 52 x D 19 x H 30 cm, for reference) with 5 armano shrimp and a few fish (not sure what they are!) about 4-5 months ago. I have some tap safe and water cleaner, and have been doing 10-15% water changes every 7-14 days. I'm in London...
  9. Selina Dionne Slotter

    Think petsmart gave me bad advice.. help!

    I am new to this hobby and just got some fish on Monday. The ladies that I had been talking about this to for WEEKS before making the decision to add fish to my tank assured me that the fish I chose to get would be perfectly fine together. However, my molly fish has started ‘shimmying’ and...
  10. L

    Help stocking first aquarium

    Hi all, I’m new to the hobby and have been doing a lot a of research. I have just set up my new aquarium and am currently running the first cycle. My question is with regards to what fish I can keep. I have 230l tank (picture attached). I am getting overwhelmed by the different types of fish...
  11. B

    Algae explosion from filter

    Hi all, I'm a first-time poster here. I had a small 20 gallon tank with a handful of fish several years ago, but am just now getting into the hobby with both feet. This weekend, I purchased a used 75 gallon system locally. Everything is in excellent condition, except the previous owner had...
  12. Donnak

    Which tank

    Hi I’m completely new to this hobby. My son has asked for 2 goldfish, which I’m happy for him to have but I want to do it properly. Could anyone suggest a tank. We went to look yesterday and saw the Ciano Aqua 30 led, which is 25lts. Would this be ok or too small? I don’t want anything to...
  13. W

    My betta may be dying. I need help.

    I have a sweet little half-moon female bettaI've only had around for maybe a month and a half now. Last night she got sucked into the filter intake (it didn't have a cap and I didn't notice it was defective) and she came out pretty strong once I unplugged it, bent up a bit and missing scales...
  14. pov

    hey there, this is Pov. i would love to chat about any thing i have lots to learn.

    I have two tanks one is about 200lt and the other is probably 140 they are both rescued tanks, the 140 I got from my sister the back smashed so I patched it up and siliconed in a picture to hide the patches. I enjoyed it so brought some more glass to add to some I had laying around and built the...
  15. P

    Stocking and Filtration Questions

    A few weeks ago, a friend of mine gave me her old ~60 gallon aquarium. It was in rough shape but I’ve got it looking much better now. Im at the point where it is time to add substrate and begin cycling. Once the substrate is in, I’ll also be able to figure out the actual volume of the tank which...
  16. MortisiaDowler

    Stocking 30L Biorb Tube

    Hello everyone, My husband bought a Biorb Tube 30L and we are cycling it now. We have two sailfin mollies in there. We were wondering what fish would be more suitable for this tank? We were thinking of guppies, rummy nose, neon tetras or cardinal tetras, glowlight tetras but we don't know if...
  17. blueseas

    Tips on stocking?

    So, I've just bought a 10 g and i was wondering what people think of my idea of having one male half moon betta and then introducing around 7 neon tetras a little later on or even at the same time? my tank has been cycling for about a month and my filter has been running. i have a heater too...
  18. mark150389

    Tropical needed!

    Hi all, As a keen follower/poster of road cycling forums I know how annoying it is for people to repost repetitive questions.. for that I am eternally sorry! I've just bought a 240l fish tank and I have no idea what to do with it! My girlfriend has kept tropical fish for 4-5 yrs in a small...
  19. nixie_myth

    Burmese border loach

    deleted post
  20. ToriAndAlice

    Hi! I'm new and i have a few questions :)

    Hi, I'm Tori and I have 10 cherry barbs in my tank which is relatively small in comparison to all the enormous ones everyone else seems to be able to afford. I also have two yellow rabbit snails called Francis and Alice, who was my first ever aquatic creature, hence ToriAndAlice. I'm wondering...