1. PackardG00SE

    Should I do a water change?

    I just set up my first fish tank about 2 weeks ago. I added fish to it 10 days ago. I tested the water. It is low in ammonia, nitrates and nitrites, but relatively high in minerals like copper and iron. I had planned to do my first water change tomorrow, but now I’m not sure if that’s such a...
  2. M


    So we discovered during a water change 3 little fry - presuming they are mollies Weve googled how to save them (i know a lot have probably been eaten) and found a 'fry trap' using a bottle with food in and a small hole for them to get into but so far no luck 😔 Ive ordered a hatchery type...
  3. T


    Complete newbie. Hi all , looking to get Into this. So just having a look around of what to do and where to start etc. gonna pop to My local aquatic shop and seek there help and Advice and go from there. Have a healthy ish budget for start up, any advice will Be gratefully received.
  4. M

    Water softeners and aquarium

    Hey guys, I have been doing research on whether water softener systems in houses is safe for fish keeping. My original water in my area is well water with GH and Kh up in the areas of 15-18 (dgh and dkh) and the ph at 8.2. My family installed a water softener system (works with water crystals, i...
  5. C


    What appears to be Blackbeard algae is growing in both my community planted tanks that seems to be killing my plants, they are not dead but they do not grow as fast as they did when they didn’t have algae. I have a lot of plants in both my tanks not sure what type all of them are but I know most...
  6. Salt

    Blanco the Betta

    He keeps growing =)
  7. R84achey

    Online plant purchases

    Hi all so I started on the fish journey a month ago. I started with artificial plants however I’ve quickly decided I need real plants. I currently have 2 Java ferns, some duckweed and some Marimo moss balls. I have the Hugo kamishi fine glass gravel and therefore need plants that can grow...
  8. TiberiusJones

    Returning to the hobby after a long absence

    Hello fellow hobbyists, its good to be here and healthy again after recovering from Covid 19 fully. Thank God! I am just getting back into fishkeeping after a 20 year hiatus. I have had various sized freshwater tanks over the years and then got into a 125 gallon reef coral tank that was just too...
  9. C

    Please identify this species

    Hi everyone I am from the UK and as anyone who's from here will be aware we have a pet store chain called jolleys. Well I recent went to jolleys and I bought for £5 what I thought was a bristlenose pleco as that's what they had it advertised. I am now beginning to believe it is not a...
  10. PlasticGalaxy

    Introduction Post

    Hi! Recently joined this forum since I'm new to this hobby and would love to learn more! I'm Luka and I am very new to personally keeping fish. All my current knowledge on fish comes from my father who has kept fish all his life. As passed-down knowledge only stretches so far, I joined this...
  11. D

    Is my fish pregnant

    Just bought a couple of days ago, if she’s pregnant how long left would you say? Thanks in advance!
  12. FishionistaB

    How long do you think it will take fore my driftwood to sink?

    I have a 7lb manzanita driftwood that I’m waiting to become waterlogged and sink. Anyone with a similar wood size and type that’s gone through this before? Any guesses on how long? Everything I’ve been reading online has been all over the place as far as how long it should take. It has been 1...
  13. K

    Blue LED light?

    Me again :rolleyes: Are there benefits to having a blue LED moonlight on in the tank? My new tank I've set up has a long white LED and a short blue LED. You can have them on singularly or both together. I presume the "moonlight" is good for nocturnal fish? Will it have any negative effect on...
  14. A

    is my tank okay?

    so i’ve bought 2 sets of 2 gallon tanks 1 week ago. one for my betta and one for purposely breeding pest snails and algae. so im focusing more on my betta tank no filtration planted (only 1 stem plant) theres soil and in where the live plant is planted and artificial green colored gravel i...
  15. Halawrence

    Betta Fish Water Change

    Hello! I am new to the betta fish world and my betta, Prince lives in a 5.5 gallon tank. I have his filter on the lowest setting and have his water tank heater at 78 degrees F. After the first week and a half I just changed about 15% of his water. I made sure he had the correct temp and...
  16. N

    Newbie - c.80-90cm wide/c.125 L tank suggestions, setup and general advice (upgrading from 19L)

    I’m a newbie who was gifted a small Fluval Spec 19L tank (″ (W 52 x D 19 x H 30 cm, for reference) with 5 armano shrimp and a few fish (not sure what they are!) about 4-5 months ago. I have some tap safe and water cleaner, and have been doing 10-15% water changes every 7-14 days. I'm in London...
  17. Selina Dionne Slotter

    Think petsmart gave me bad advice.. help!

    I am new to this hobby and just got some fish on Monday. The ladies that I had been talking about this to for WEEKS before making the decision to add fish to my tank assured me that the fish I chose to get would be perfectly fine together. However, my molly fish has started ‘shimmying’ and...
  18. L

    Help stocking first aquarium

    Hi all, I’m new to the hobby and have been doing a lot a of research. I have just set up my new aquarium and am currently running the first cycle. My question is with regards to what fish I can keep. I have 230l tank (picture attached). I am getting overwhelmed by the different types of fish...
  19. B

    Algae explosion from filter

    Hi all, I'm a first-time poster here. I had a small 20 gallon tank with a handful of fish several years ago, but am just now getting into the hobby with both feet. This weekend, I purchased a used 75 gallon system locally. Everything is in excellent condition, except the previous owner had...
  20. Donnak

    Which tank

    Hi I’m completely new to this hobby. My son has asked for 2 goldfish, which I’m happy for him to have but I want to do it properly. Could anyone suggest a tank. We went to look yesterday and saw the Ciano Aqua 30 led, which is 25lts. Would this be ok or too small? I don’t want anything to...