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  1. X

    Beginner Help Required!

    Hi, I am new to owning a home aquarium and i am in urgent need of some advice from any veterans out there. I recently purchased a 64 litre Interpet fish pod which came with a thermostat heater, thermometer and CF2 cartridge filter. I set the tank up as instructed, introduced my substrate...
  2. EricBacker

    Switching Food

    Hey so I am new to this hobby and have a some questions. Let me first explain my set up and situation. I have a 30 gallon tank, a fluval 50 filter, an Eheim Jager heater for a 40 gallon tank, a current LED lightstrip, live plants (sorry dont know the names, 1 rock and sand substrate. I have 5...
  3. MarcusShepherd


    Hi everyone,   I am a noob fish breeder and I keep two algae eaters, 10 guppies 3 of them 40 day old fry Also I have 4 zebra danio's all in a 60L tank, On the 21st of September my guppy gave birth to 58 fry and they are in a separate tank don't worry!
  4. B

    Guppy Ready To Drop Babies?

    So I've had this guppy for exactly 31 days now and she has the boxed out look and today I noticed that below her u think her birth canal is starting to open up a little bit or something but it's like a little pink dot right now and I was wondering when she's going to drop her babies if it's...
  5. B

    Pregnant Guppy?

    Anyone know how far into pregnancy NY guppy is? I've only had her for about 6 days and I think she was pregnant before I got her but I do know that my male mated with her about an. Hour after I put them into the tank but in the last 2 days I noticed her belly was getting much bigger and it was...
  6. V

    New Tank By New Member

    Hello,   Im brand new to this forum and brand new to this hobby.  I thought I would share some of my pictures of my tank.  I found a 29 gallon tank for very little money and on a whim I bought it.  Thus, launching me into this new hobby!  I started by roughing out a stand.     Finished the...
  7. E

    Hi Guys

    Hi guys! So my name is Emmanuel and I'm here to learn more about fish with the help of you guys! I hope that I could get some friends in the "fish" community as well hahaha!   And maybe this is your ID here, so I'm going to give you the capacity of my tank which is a 5-gallon tank with...
  8. thrujenseyes

    My Anacharis Plants Are Dying

    Hello,   I'm still new here and unsure if I'm posting in the correct place... Sorry.   But my anacharis plants are getting "clear" losing color and some leaves are falling off.   I haven't yet started the cycling (fishless) yet as I'm waiting on my heater (should be here within a day or so). I...
  9. thrujenseyes

    Hi, My Name Is Jen And I'm A Fishaholic

    Just saying hi and introducing myself.   My name is Jen and I just purchased a little fluval edge 6 gallon with a couple live plants and a nice piece of driftwood.   A cute little assassin snail must have stowed away in a plant because he's the sole inhabiter of my little aquarium.   I'm cycling...
  10. T

    Hello From Nevada Us

    Hi, I'm a newbie here and im looking forward to gathering knowledge to keep my prize tank and its occupants healthy. Tim
  11. N

    New To Fish Keeping, Bought 3 Mollys And 1 Died

    We received three gold fish as party favors. We had them in a small bowl and soon realized there was no filtration and no way to keep the food from clogging up the water and causing all types of problems. Eventually one died so we got a 10 gallon tank with a filter from Walmart and some...
  12. F

    New To All This

    Hi   I have had my community tank (72 litre) running since 24.8.62 and  am very new to this hobby but enjoying it very much, so expect me to be asking daft questions lol  !!!!
  13. C

    Newbie To Fishkeeping And I Think My Fish Are Fighting

    Hello, my name is Cara and since I was a kid I always had a thing for fish. I use to own a couple of bettas growing up, but as you may know, those types of fish don't go well with others and you can only have one at a time. I'm trying to set up my own aquarium now and I decided 3 months ago to...
  14. Demeter32

    New Member :p

    Hello from Michigan, US I recently joined TFF because whenever I have a fish related problem, this site always seems to have the right answers :) Hope I can someday become the person that friends come to when their aquariums are having problem, always willing to lend a hand!
  15. A

    Beginner Looking To Start Using Live Plants

    Hello everyone. I am new to this site and recently started getting more involved in things relating to my fish tank. I have so many questions about different things but i'll just start with some.   Just to give you guys a little bit of info, I have a 20 gallon established aquarium that I have...
  16. J

    Hello! Newbie! & Question About My Mbuna Tank!

    hello! i am new to the forum & new to keeping african cichlids!  i just recently set up a new 56gallon setup with a few currently in it. i have been keeping fish for almost 4 years or so but have always kept smaller, community fish and aquatic plants. this tank currently has a fluval 306 and a...
  17. M

    Hello! I'm A Noob When It Comes To Aquariums...

     I have no idea what I'm doing. I got a free 30 gallon tank from some weird lady off of craigslist. It has 2 cracks on one side of it that I plain to seal up with silicone despite the fact that it does not leak. (i've tested it in my bathtub). Where do I get salt water? how does this work? I...
  18. W

    New Fish Enthusiast With An Old Tank And A Ton Of Questions

    Hello all,   20 years ago I had a beta, and recently wanted to get into fish again.   I purchased at a rummage sale, still in its sealed box a 10 G starter kit. It is an Aqua Culture tank kit.I will not be using any of the food or starter conditioners as the tank was made in 2004 and I assume...
  19. dalisonc

    Hi There!

    Hi Everyone!   So excited to finally post here. I've been meaning to introduce myself for some time now. I got distracted by setting up my first tank. Yay! I was going to post on here before setting it up and ask for opinions but one day my bf and I decided lets do it. Fortunately for me he...
  20. F

    New To Fish

    Hello my name is Kate, I have a newly developed interested in fish, as I recently inherited a 20 gallon tank from my roommate and my daughter is absolutely loving it. I am hopeful to get a lot of great advise about my new fish friends and look forward to discussing various fishy topics.   Kate