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  1. P

    Can I keep dojo loaches and a peacock eel together in the same tank?

    Can I keep dojo loaches and a peacock eel together in the same tank?
  2. primsloaches16

    Special Needs Loach Update- Meet Baby!!<3

    Hey y'all! I wanted to post an update on my post from a few days ago, I ended up going back to my LFS today and picking Baby up! I thought about it for all day yesterday, and decided, if I go back and she's still there, I'll take her home. And there she was. So I got her bagged up and took her...
  3. primsloaches16

    Dojo Loach- Head bump?

    Hey y'all! This morning during feeding I noticed that one of my juvenile Gold Dojo Loaches, Catnip, has a small bump on the top of her head, back near where the gills meet the body. It's not a cut or open wound, just a small bump. She's acting completely normal, eating and swimming around to her...
  4. D

    My Weather Loach is sick

    Hi can anyone please help me !? Yesterday morning I found my weather loach laying on his side, initially I though he died but then when I touched him he went crazy across the tank moving his head one way whilst swimming upside down . I am on my second day now and he has been removed from the...
  5. B

    Golden weather loach with multiple bumps

    I’ve had my dojo for nearly a year without any issues. Yesterday, I noticed a bump under her dorsal fin then researched through forums and didn’t find an answer. Today, the bump has tripled in size(at least) and has a few other bumps elsewhere. I’m not sure if I can save her but any information...
  6. B

    What happened to my loach overnight???

    My weather loach was fine yesterday. Healthy, active, and colorful. I came home and found him pale white, and wrinkly like he's gonna shed his entire skin. He is also lethargic. What is this??? I've read so many forums and haven't found anything like it. Attached are some before & after...
  7. B

    How big is your Golden Dojo Loach?

    I’ve read that golden weather(dojo) loaches grow quickly in their first years of life. I’ve had mine in a 75 gallon since May and he’s(I think it’s a male) grown 5 inches in the past six months! The “max” length on them is 6”, yet mine is nearly 8” now. I don’t really want to get a 125 gallon...
  8. B

    Weather Loach help?

    Hi, this is my first post on this website. I'm unsure whether this is in the right category or even whet her I am doing this right so if it's wrong feel free to amend this. Here goes nothing.. I have had a fairly fat weather loach now for just over a month I'd say with another loach, a green...
  9. twintanks

    Weather Loach Lethargic, On Side (Coldwater)

    It's been all quiet and good health in both my tanks for some weeks now; so this morning's discoveries were a jolt to the system. Firstly, I know this isn't primarily considered a tropical fish, but we don't seem to have an emergency section to cover a weather loach. I found my female loach...
  10. T

    Weather Loach Huge Lump

    Hi, I have a poorly weather loach, I have had him over ten years and he has always been very healthy until about 3 months ago a small lump appeared on his head and has gradually got bigger and bigger and now has a white patch on it that looks like it is an open sore. He still is very active...