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Sick Molly Floating Tail Up

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Oct 6, 2019
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So this is an update on my sick Female Molly. Hoping to get some more insight. Current situation is she has been bloated and floating tail up for over 24 hours now. We moved her to a hospital tank yesterday @ 3 pm and is still hanging in there (literally) but now I’m noticing her eyes look a bit bloodshot. Based on my research I believe she has a severe case of swim bladder b/c she is a ravenous surface eater. Her symptoms were on&off until my husband mistakenly fed a huge amount of food after I had started fasting her and she gulped it all up before it could even start sinking. Within 12 hours her already bloated belly doubled in size. Ugh...anyways I’m not even sure what I’m doing anymore after all of this but I’m just putting it out there for some outside perspective. We are trying our best but I just hate to see any animal suffer. HELP!
You can drop the dry foods and try feeding the fish on frozen (but defrosted) foods or live foods. That way the fish won't ingest air and should pass out any air after a day or two. When there is no more air inside the fish's digestive tract, it might be able to swim better. If the fish still has problems with its buoyancy after a week without dry food, then it's probably a swim bladder issue. There's no cure for swim bladder problems.

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