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  1. S

    Does my oto have columnaris?

    I have 3 oto’s, all from the same place, though one purchased two weeks after the first. The affected fish is the largest of the 3 and had a torn dorsal fin from the start. It has now developed a dreaded white fuzz and a red line has appeared. Also in the tank are a number of chilli and...
  2. S

    Help with pleco not eating and looking stressed

    65 gallon tank Ph 7.6 Ammonia/nitrites 0 Nitrates 20-40 1 pleco, 1 cory, 4 clown loach All pertinent info: I had old tank syndrome for a long time. My pleco started acting strange and it lit a fire under my ass to try and fix it, thinking it was the reason my pleco was being weird so I began...
  3. S

    Can I put Rock salt on Planted tank to treat sick fish.., Is there any problem for plants..?

    Can I put Rock salt on Planted tank to treat sick fish.., Is there any problem for plants..?
  4. forumgulper

    THIS ONE FISH☝️Omg this one fish💥(time sensitive!!)💥

    The issue: one of my glofish seems to be gasping, lathargic and slightly emaciated. Note: all my fish get fed regularily and I try to make sure all the fish get a decent share (without overfeeding them ofc). but the issue is that its just the one glofish thats acting like this. All of my other...
  5. R

    New Betta fish in bad condition

    I was at Petco earlier and stopped by the betta shelves and noticed one of them seemed especially sickly. Seeing her in such a sorry state tugged at my heartstrings a bit so I bought her in the hopes that I could help her or just give her a nice place to rest in her final days. I’m trying to...
  6. W

    Sick Krib?

    We have had our pair of Kribs for just over a week now. We noticed that one was hiding a lot compared to the other at the back of the tank. When I’ve looked more closely it is breathing very fast and looks like it’s struggling to stay upright. OH has also seen it at the top of the tank and then...
  7. R

    Help! Guppies Staying on Bottom and Refusing to Eat

    About two weeks ago I purchased three male guppies. I put them in a 3 gallon tank with a interior power filter and preformed a 25% water change about every 2 weeks. Everything seemed to be going just fine until yesterday one of them got stuck in the filter and died. Now I am starting to notice...
  8. F

    Fish Keep Getting Sick and Dying

    Hello All, I’m new to the fish keeping hobby. I’ve had my fist 10 gallon tank since April. I tried to do as much research as possible on stocking and supplies as I could. The tank has a heater (for 20 gallon), 1 sponge filter with an air stone (for 20 gallon), 1 hang on the back filter (Tidal...
  9. Divinityinlove

    Unusually swollen guppy!

    Been keeping an eye for a few days and I'm unsure if I should treat for dropsy with medication or.... Euthanize? Never seen swelling like this but she was eating and swimming fine until just this afternoon, now she is facing down..... The photo of the orange tailed guppy in plain background is...
  10. L

    Why do my fish keep dying

    Hi, I seem to be having an issue with my tank and so far every fish I’ve got has died after a few weeks. I have cycled the tank, checked all levels are ‘good’ and the only issue I can think of is that our water is hard with a PH of 8. I have had two bettas (not at the same time) but after...
  11. B

    Black Molly with White on Lips

    Hello! My balloon molly , Mom , has gotten sicks. I would prefer not to cull her if possible as she is my favorite molly and I'm quite attached to her. I will attach an image of her condition; the back of her dorsal fin also looks a little strange. The rest of my fish are healthy. I have a 10...
  12. C

    Help! What is on my fish

    I need help my Lucifer (black ghost knife fish) has something all over him. He was very lethargic and not eating but I put ick treatment in the tank and he seems to be perking up. My angles that are with him have white spots around their mouth.
  13. D

    White flim?

    Any idea what this is?? About 3 weeks ago 2 of my Otto fish died and a kinda white film on them but figured they were dead a few days before I noticed them (tank was heavily planted and they like to hide) did many water changes over the past few weeks. I JUST put the droft wood in maybe two days...
  14. connorlindeman

    Newly added Fancy Guppie might be sick

    So I have a 20 gallon fishtank with plastic plants and aquarium rocks for substrate. I havent had good success with fish in the past year. I cycle the tank, wait for everything to go to the right levels. Then, I purchase maybe 5 fish (hardy fish like guppies or goldfish) acclimate them and then...
  15. jessicarf00

    betta ich? - might be resolved ?

    just tonight i noticed a speck on my betta that i assume is ich. i normally wouldn’t be so freaked out but i leave for a 6 day vacation on thursday so i know i can’t do much between now and then. i have somebody lined up to feed him but i have no medications and i can’t rely on this person to...
  16. D

    911 BETTA HELP

    bavent been able to find my betta since last night, it took about 10 minutes of removing stuff from his tank to find him and he was laying in the gravel on his side not swimming. I took him out of tank so I would could see if he would swim and he didn't move. He's still breathing. Whay can I...
  17. carligraceee

    MALE PLATY SICK??? Please help...

    What is wrong with him? Dropsy? He’s been very lethargic for several days and now this is happening... he got bloated over night, is breathing heavily....
  18. T

    Anyone willing to rescue sick goldfish

    Please don't shame me, I really have tried my best to care for this fish but everything has been going wrong and I really need someone to save what I've done to my poor Ester ? Last year I cycled a tank and bought a fancy ryukin goldfish and everything has been going down hill. First the filter...
  19. H

    Gas bubble disease?

    Is this gas bubble disease?
  20. C

    Sick Cory

    One of my Cory's is suddenly unable to swim correctly and is sat at the bottom of the tank all day. If it does try and swim it sort of bounces about at the bottom of the tank and takes a while to right itself if it falls on its side or upside down. Iv checked water parameters and all are spot on...