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Feb 7, 2019
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My female Mikrogeophagus Ramerizi is looking very bloated, and she’s only sitting at the top of the tank with her body tilted towards the surface. All other fish in the tank are fine.

Could this be because I’ve started using frozen foods more often, or those little tabs you stick on the side of the tank?

I’ve put some deshelled cooked peas in the tank for now and added a pinch of dissolved aquarium salt.

Thanks in advance.
Food may be the issue, but so may other factors which you will need to provide us with, such as tank water parameters (GH, pH and temperature), and other fish (species and numbers) in the tank. And the tank size, and how it is aquascaped. Also, have you tested ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?
All parameters are within parameters or good.
Tank is a 7.5gal (temporary).
Planted, with half gravel half sand base.

Just that recently I've increased the amount of daphnia and bloodworms.
All parameters are within parameters or good.

Does this mean the water is soft and the temperature around 28 deg C (82 deg F)? That's what 'good' parameters are for rams.
Water is indeed as soft as I can make it, and it's at 80F.
Water is indeed as soft as I can make it, and it's at 80F.

Can you explain this for us? How are you making the water soft is what we need to know. Sorry for all our questions, but it is next to impossible to assess health issues without knowing all the factors that affect the fish.
It's too late, she died. Never did find out why.

Sorry to hear that. But it is often the case unless one can exactly pin down the issue. And data that essjay and I asked about has not been provided so we haven't much to go on.

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