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  1. E

    Ram Bloated and Sitting at top of tank

    My female Mikrogeophagus Ramerizi is looking very bloated, and she’s only sitting at the top of the tank with her body tilted towards the surface. All other fish in the tank are fine. Could this be because I’ve started using frozen foods more often, or those little tabs you stick on the side of...
  2. E

    Male Ram attacking Female after eggs were eaten overnight

    I made some posts about my GBRs spawning recently. Basically this morning I turned on the light and all the eggs were gone (corys ate them most likely). But now the male is seeking out the female ram and chasing her - I can distract them with food and they leave each other alone for a few...
  3. E

    Removing Eggs - Will it stop aggressive Rams?

    My GBRs recently spawned - but now they are stressing out all my other fish and actively seeking them out to chase them, even though they can't go anywhere. Will removing the eggs halt this territorial behavior until they next spawn?
  4. E

    Sexing GBRs

    Hi, does this look like a male and female?
  5. AeonMapa

    Tough Little Rams

    So when I was researching blue rams before I picked up my first pair about a year ago, I read they were sensitive, skittish, and easily bullied. All in all a frail delicate fish. After breeding them in a 10 gallon, I decided to try some out as members of a 50 gallon community.   They were the...
  6. ReddSamurai

    My German Blue Rams

    I love these two, but im a bit concerned as to what is happening with them.       they had their first spawn about 2 months ago and not spawned since...the male also harasses the female constantly any suggestions...will a coldwater...
  7. PrincessKiara

    What Languages Do You Speak?

    Hello all! I was just looking round the Web, trying to learn Romanian, when it hit me: It's really hard to find people who speak either your native language or the one you're trying to learn, online or in RL, if you're from a small country (or else your chosen language is)! So I was really...
  8. L

    How Many Blue Rams In 35 Gallon, Breeding?

    Okay so I have a tall 35 gallon aquarium with two blue rams in there and a bristle nose, now all is good but I'm desperate for a breeding pair. How many can I buy for the tank I was thinking four and then if I get a breeding pair to remove some of the others. Also I really like the gold rams if...
  9. MissLori

    Wanting To Trade German Blue Rams For Discus

    I have German Blue Rams from ages 1 week to 9 months old but would like to explore raising Discus.   Would anyone like to trade?