1. S

    Dwarf Ram

    Rams have been my favorite since I had my first fish tank many many years ago. This photo shows how colorful they are.
  2. B

    ram breeding

    Hi, I have 2 male and 2 female german blue rams in my 200 liter tank along with some tetras, dwarf plecos etc. I am currently trying to breed my rams but they won't even pair. My water parameters are good ph is 6.6, tds is 160ppm and the water is 28 degrees and my nitrite and nitrate levels are...
  3. D

    Ballon/angle gold rams?

    I’ve been looking everywhere for golden balloon body rams, and I’ve only been able to find one around my entire western New York area and it’s not looking to healthy. Where else could I find these fish? I tried eBay and the only person who was selling is most likely taking them off due to...
  4. pragmatic

    German Blue Ram Flashing on Substrate

    Ram flashing behavior: Can someone help diagnose my ram? He’s been flashing/rubbing on gravel this week. My tank is empty right now because I’m redecorating. I’ve also noticed his tail is a little dark. He has a healthy appetite and I haven’t seen any worms near his anus. The molly sometimes...
  5. E

    55 Gallon Stocking

    Hello, Just wanted to get some opinions on my stocking for a planted 55gal: 2 x German Blue Ram 5 x Pentazona Barb 6 x Silver Hatchetfish 8 x Cardinal Tetra 6 x Bronze Cory 6 x Adolfoi Cory And then if this goes well and I want more, I'll probably get a pair of Golden Rams. Thoughts?
  6. E

    Ram Bloated and Sitting at top of tank

    My female Mikrogeophagus Ramerizi is looking very bloated, and she’s only sitting at the top of the tank with her body tilted towards the surface. All other fish in the tank are fine. Could this be because I’ve started using frozen foods more often, or those little tabs you stick on the side of...
  7. E

    Male Ram attacking Female after eggs were eaten overnight

    I made some posts about my GBRs spawning recently. Basically this morning I turned on the light and all the eggs were gone (corys ate them most likely). But now the male is seeking out the female ram and chasing her - I can distract them with food and they leave each other alone for a few...
  8. E

    Removing Eggs - Will it stop aggressive Rams?

    My GBRs recently spawned - but now they are stressing out all my other fish and actively seeking them out to chase them, even though they can't go anywhere. Will removing the eggs halt this territorial behavior until they next spawn?
  9. E

    Sexing GBRs

    Hi, does this look like a male and female?
  10. S

    fish identification and diatom algae issue

    I picked up a ram chiclid 3-4 months ago. They had the fish labeled as a German Blue Ram. However it's not coloring up and I'm not sure if this is because of bad breeding or if it might be either a Bolivian ram or gold ram instead. He does have a black spike on his front dorsal fin, although the...
  11. T

    established aquarium problems?

    hello all, I have been having a problem with very high ammonia all the time in the 8ppm range. i have done 50% water changes every other day for 2 weeks and I cannot get the levels to get past about 6ppm. I don't have any dying plants or fish. fish are acting normal and plants are thriving. i...
  12. G

    29 Gallon Stocking Advice

    Hello all! While I'm not *exactly* new to the hobby, after doing a lot of reading I've discovered that I'm new to keeping fish correctly (as in, all those years I was keeping fish as a child, I was basically running to the pet store, thinking 'this is pretty,' and getting extremely lucky that...
  13. LyraGuppi

    Valentine's Day Rams

    I was feeding the 90 gallon fish when I found that two of my bolivian rams had made a nest! I don't doubt that the eggs won't make it, but it was fascinating to watch their parenting. These guys are likely the best first time parents I've ever had. There wasn't any excessive aggression, or...
  14. Robbo85

    Bolivan Ram With Panda Dwarf Cichlid

    Hi,   I am trying to keep my 40G tank a SA species tank and have recently been given a Bolivian Ram as a suggestion to add as I wanted a slightly larger fish to go with the rest of my community. but I already have a male / female pair of apistogramma nijsseni (Panda Dwarf Cichlid) will the...
  15. C

    Female German Blue Ram Laying Eggs Without A Male Pair?

    About a month ago, I bought three female german blue rams and one male german blue ram. They were just random fish from my LFS, ie they weren't sold a breeding pair.   Recently one of the females started showing her colors and I noticed her and the male seemed to stick close together. Her belly...
  16. David J

    Bolivian Ram Staying A Top Of Tank

    Hi See my signature for tank details. My oldest ram, the female, hasn't been well since yesterday. I first notices last night that she was very dark and hiding about half way up the tank at the glass to the rear left corner. She was also pointing her body upwards so her head was pointing up...
  17. C

    New Blue Rams

    I have just had a reshuffle and have purchased 2 beautiful Blue Rams from my LFS. The temp in the tank is at a constant 28 degrees C and I have properly acclimatised them. It is planted as well as a piece of driftwood to give them plenty of hiding sports. They are happily swimming around but was...
  18. C

    Bolivian Ram?

    Hello fellow fish lovers. I'm just confused. Is this a Bolivian Ram?  
  19. Wansui

    How Do You Get A Breeding Pair Of Bolivian Rams?

    So my 240L tank is almost cycled, and soon I will be stocking it with fish. I really want a breeding pair or two of bolivian rams, but im not sure how to achieve this because it's almost impossible to differentiate between male and female. So when i go to the store, should I randomly pick out 6...
  20. Kabernick30

    What To Get?

    I have a 26 gallon planted tank with 5 serpae tetras and a bolivian ram Im thinking of maybe adding a school of cory catfish but im wondering what else might go good with the fish i currently have?