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  1. L

    Help I’m not sure what is wrong!

    I am new to fishkeeping. I’ve had zebra fish and Kuli loaches for a little over a month and I recently got 2 German blue rams and 2 snails. My zebra fish have been noticeably stressed (hanging out in a group, staying near the top of the tank) however after about a week they have started to chill...
  2. D

    Favorite rams to keep and why?

    I've been looking into getting a pair (or one male and 2 females depending on what's best) but there's so many types! What's your personal favorite and why?
  3. P

    Growth near German Blue Rams Mouth

    Hi All, I’m new to this forum so hello! I recently acquired two German Blue Ram and I noticed when I got one home it had a slightly squint face. I thought this may be a birth defect of some sort but over the past week I’ve noticed it’s face has increasingly become more squint and there seems to...
  4. pimudh

    German Blue Ram female is hiding

    I've kept fish since I was a kid but seriously started looking into it about 3-4 years ago. I've got experience with tropical community and betta tanks but I'm quite new to owning GBR. I recently got a GBR pair (2-3 weeks ago) and since day 1 they've been absolutely amazing. They're still quite...
  5. M

    So... clown killifish and gbr? 10 gallon in need of some stocking help.

    im considering the following stock for my ten: 1-2x gbr 6-8x clown killi 1x golden apple snail 2x nerite snail 3-6x amano shrimp This seems ok to me. id like some outside opinions, however, so would this work? Ive asked in a few other places already, but i figured id ask here too as results...
  6. M

    Wow. Just watched GBR attack and eat a snail.

    The snail had been attached to the glass, let go of the glass, was floating in the water, and then the ram attacked it so fast I thought I was watching a tv show. LOL He just ripped the snail right out of the shell. Well, I guess that's why I don't have a snail infestation. :)
  7. R

    55g stocking ideas

    Hi all, I have a 55g I just bought and am cycling. I am looking for some stocking ideas and have come up with the following. As a note, the 9 black skirt tetras will be coming from another tank I have and will have to be in the stocking plan no matter what. Option 1: up my black skirts from 9...
  8. M

    Sexing GBR's

    Picked up a pair of GBR's and was wondering if anyone else can confirm the sex of them. I did spend some time taking a look at both of them and think I have both a male and female. The supposed female holds the back of the tank and they both seem to get into a "fight" when they see each other...
  9. M

    What gender are my German blue rams?

    Hey. I just recently got these two young rams. I tried to look up the difference between male and female and I have an idea, but certain thing are throwing me off. The darker one (I think it is a male) is darker, it has a longer dorsal fin in the front, the bottoms of its pelvic fins are darker...
  10. P

    German Blue Ram - White Bump Protruding Out Anus

    Hey everyone this will be my first post to this site as I just joined today . I have a problem with my newer pair of female and male German rams. I’ve had them a little over three weeks. Her belly isn’t round like it should be (it’s actually quite flat), she’s very skinny and Most importantly...
  11. B

    ram breeding

    Hi, I have 2 male and 2 female german blue rams in my 200 liter tank along with some tetras, dwarf plecos etc. I am currently trying to breed my rams but they won't even pair. My water parameters are good ph is 6.6, tds is 160ppm and the water is 28 degrees and my nitrite and nitrate levels are...
  12. B

    German Blue Ram Sexing help.

    Hey guys, recently gotten back into the hobby after a few years of absence. School work etc... Anyways I have purchased a single German Blue Ram. and i want to get it a mate in attempts of breeding. Pretty sure this one is a female. Would appreciate if someone could confirm or tell me otherwise...
  13. E

    Ram Bloated and Sitting at top of tank

    My female Mikrogeophagus Ramerizi is looking very bloated, and she’s only sitting at the top of the tank with her body tilted towards the surface. All other fish in the tank are fine. Could this be because I’ve started using frozen foods more often, or those little tabs you stick on the side of...
  14. E

    Male Ram attacking Female after eggs were eaten overnight

    I made some posts about my GBRs spawning recently. Basically this morning I turned on the light and all the eggs were gone (corys ate them most likely). But now the male is seeking out the female ram and chasing her - I can distract them with food and they leave each other alone for a few...
  15. E

    Removing Eggs - Will it stop aggressive Rams?

    My GBRs recently spawned - but now they are stressing out all my other fish and actively seeking them out to chase them, even though they can't go anywhere. Will removing the eggs halt this territorial behavior until they next spawn?
  16. E

    Sexing GBRs

    Hi, does this look like a male and female?
  17. S

    fish identification and diatom algae issue

    I picked up a ram chiclid 3-4 months ago. They had the fish labeled as a German Blue Ram. However it's not coloring up and I'm not sure if this is because of bad breeding or if it might be either a Bolivian ram or gold ram instead. He does have a black spike on his front dorsal fin, although the...
  18. W

    Tetra Ideas For 20 Gallon Tall

    I have a 20 gallon tall planted tank, thats been dirted with mineralized top soil with peat added and pool filter sand as the cap. I also have some bunches of Anacharis growing. Its only stocked with 4 cory's right now, but i have a pair of German blue rams i'm adding soon. All that aside, I'm...
  19. JohnBlahson

    German Blue Ram Swollen Lips And Swimming Towards Top Of Tank

    Hey Guys,   I'm new to the forum since I recently started creating my tank again after about 15 yrs. I have never had german blue rams before and I got 2 in my 20 gallon long along with 4 tetras, 4 cory, and 2 indian algae eaters.    I recently saw that the 2 german blue rams (they are both male...
  20. C

    Female German Blue Ram Laying Eggs Without A Male Pair?

    About a month ago, I bought three female german blue rams and one male german blue ram. They were just random fish from my LFS, ie they weren't sold a breeding pair.   Recently one of the females started showing her colors and I noticed her and the male seemed to stick close together. Her belly...