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Feb 11, 2013
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Recently i brought a pair of Blue rams from a guy down at my local pet shop who was convinced they where male and female. opon getting them home and in my tank after a few days i managed to convince myself maybe he was wrong after doing the research i know for shore i have one male but am not so shore about the other. Unshore if its just to young yet or what???
Any and all help is much appreciated thanks.
heres a link
that's almost certainly a female, although withe the stress colouration it is a bit hard to tell.
Looks like a female, fairly wild, about 4 months old.  Can you post a picture of your male?  It's always easier comparing two - especially if they are closely related.
could go either way with that image, front of dorsal fin has high spike at front which is prodomenantly a male trait but can still be female. cant see pink belly but that intensifies in colour when spawning... and the black dot is currently feint so cant telll if it has the blue through it so i think we need another pic or wait till he/she colours up some more, assuming conditions are right and it just needs to get used to its new home? in saying that i hav 2 female blues and one colours up nicely but the other one has always had pretty pathetic colouration! 

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