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  1. shaziasadiqah

    Are they Khuli Loach or Black Khuli?

    I bought these 6 kuhli loach online and i’m positive when i make my order it is a kuhli loach picture i’m looking at, but then when they arrived it appears to be they are not kuhli loach but instead Black kuhli. They are dark red-ish color without any stripes, the more slender and longer ones...
  2. J

    Unsure of fish type

    So, I joined the fish keeping hobby about a year ago. I started off with just bettas than tried a rainbow shark and danios(it didn’t workout well) so I moved on to an angel fish and guppies along with my bettas. My girlfriend however became interested in starting a community tank so we set up...
  3. K

    Does My Betta Have Velvet?

    Hi Everybody! I just got a crown tail betta fish the other day and noticed that there is a gold powder on him. I do not think that it is his natural iridescence because the gold stuff is clearly powder looking and does not shine or shimmer. I have him in a 5.5 gallon tank with plants and a hide...
  4. tydgie

    how can I tell my platy will give birth? please help

    I've had my 4 platys for about 5 months now, 2 females and 2 males I realised. one of my platys seems to be pregnant but has been "pregnant" for a while now, 2 months atleast (when I know should be a few weeks) . how will I know she is about to give birth specifically? her black mark and her...
  5. ameliagb


    so this morning i turn on the tank lights and my pictus cat (about 2 inches id guess) was STUCK to the filter and not in a "im dying" way in a thrashing and trying to swim off of it way looking around frantic with those big pictus cat eyeballs SO i push him off gently with the net an he swims...
  6. E


    I have had my cuckoo catfish for about 6 months now, never had any problems and he’s thrived! I went away for the weekend and I’ve come back and he is very very sick, his face appears swollen, his mouth hard and held open and doesn’t appear to be moving much, he is special to me so I just don’t...
  7. S

    Hello! I'm new here! I have a question about my male Betta fish. I hope someone can help me!

    Hello! I have a male betta fish. I bought him last July 1, 2017. I bought him a small tank. I also added ceramic decoration and plants. On his first two weeks, he was happy and kept swimming in his tank. But then few days from now, like 2 - 3 days.. he started eating slowly. I thought I just...
  8. B

    Help! What's This Thing On My Betta?

    I've had my Halfmoon Betta, Angel, for about 2 months. I noticed this weird growth(?) on him this morning and I've been super worried about it. Can anybody help me identify it? I keep his water between 78 - 85 degrees. I change it and condition it every week. He's fed twice a day (Aqueon Betta...
  9. A

    Please Help!!

    I'm afraid my fish, John Quincy Adams, is sick! He had a white spot on his fin when I first got him 9 months ago but it did not grow or change so I left it alone. I've begun to notice that his tail looks like it might be deteriorating and some of his dark blue color is lightening. He has...
  10. M

    I need help with a fish that isn't eating

    I just got 5 new livebearers 8 days ago, and they have all been doing fine except for one of them. He doesn't have any illness at all (he's as active as the other fish, just slower because he hasn't eaten) but he won't eat anything I give him. He's a balloon molly, if that means anything. I've...
  11. G

    Please Help Sex My Blue Ram?

    Recently i brought a pair of Blue rams from a guy down at my local pet shop who was convinced they where male and female. opon getting them home and in my tank after a few days i managed to convince myself maybe he was wrong after doing the research i know for shore i have one male but am not so...
  12. R

    Hit Me Whilst I'm Down

    Right guys, I am new to aquariums and have no clue all i know is they look nice. I am not on here to offend just after a simple answer to my question. My aquarium in 2-3 months old now and i stupidly used sand as a base my question is Can i change the bottom to gravel now the tank is filled...