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    Best Buddies For Electric Blue Balloon Ram?

    Hi all, We've got a 130 litre (34 gallon) planted tropical freshwater tank - it's about 2 months old now and fully cycled. We have 1 male dwarf gourami, 8 diamond tetras, 11 neon tetras and 1 electric blue balloon ram. We've noticed that our ram gets stressed at feeding time, as he just can't...
  2. C

    Female German Blue Ram Laying Eggs Without A Male Pair?

    About a month ago, I bought three female german blue rams and one male german blue ram. They were just random fish from my LFS, ie they weren't sold a breeding pair.   Recently one of the females started showing her colors and I noticed her and the male seemed to stick close together. Her belly...
  3. C

    Sexing Juvenile German Blue Rams?

    I'm able to tell the difference between full grown male and female GBRs but how does one tell the difference between juvenile GBRs? Many haven't developed the features that full grown specimens exhibit.
  4. C

    New Blue Rams

    I have just had a reshuffle and have purchased 2 beautiful Blue Rams from my LFS. The temp in the tank is at a constant 28 degrees C and I have properly acclimatised them. It is planted as well as a piece of driftwood to give them plenty of hiding sports. They are happily swimming around but was...
  5. M

    New Fish Added - Blue Ram Acting Strange

    Hi folks. I'm new to this forum and to the hobby (6months) I have a 40 litre tank with 4 guppies , 4 rummy nose tetras, German blue ram and just added a brown ancistrus. Since adding the new fish the blue ram has went everywhere with it, and I now chasing the other fish away from its new...
  6. G

    Please Help Sex My Blue Ram?

    Recently i brought a pair of Blue rams from a guy down at my local pet shop who was convinced they where male and female. opon getting them home and in my tank after a few days i managed to convince myself maybe he was wrong after doing the research i know for shore i have one male but am not so...