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Nov 11, 2013
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Just posting here to introduce myself and give everyone a little information. I haven't been in the aquarium hobby as long as most (about 2 years now) but I am picking up on everything fast and want to continue learning about eveything there is to know in the hobby. Right now I am mainly into larger freshwater fish and oddballs. I currently have 120 Gallon and a 150 Gallon. Housing A Silver Arowana(17"), Marble Goby(17"), Spotted Gar(12"), Clown knife(12"), Flagtail Prochilodus(10"), Pink Tailed Chalceus(6"), Banded Leporinus(10"), and a Sailfin Pleco(13"). Next year I have plans to work on a project with someone who I work with at my local pet store to build 300-400 Gallon Aquarium(if anyone has anytips would love to here them) for when I move. I also have plans to get a pair of Motoro Stingrays in December. When my tank is built I will be looking into a set of Peacock Bass. I am mainly here to help people who are interested in larger species of freshwater fish as my knowledge is not limited to what I own but also to expand my knowledge mainly into saltwater species and aquarium care. So with that being said I look forward to helping and learning from you all!

Wow! Thats some stocking that you currently have in your tanks.
Would love to see a pic or two of these set ups. Be cool to see.
Building a 300-400 tank is a dream I would love to do but time, money and space all being limiting factors for me! lol
Do start a journal when you start that assize project, I for one would love to see this progressing when it happens. 

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