1. A

    Silver Hujeta Gars

    Hi! Im new to this site so please don't be mad if I post this in the wrong place   I have a Silver Hujeta Gar (Rocket Fish, Freshwater Barracuda) that I got about a week ago. It was with a spotted puffer, but sadly the puffer got pretty chewed up and died. (The people at the LFS said they'd be...
  2. jangjang

    Multiple Predator Fishes In A Tank

    Hi everyone..    I am new with fishes and starting to get serious in this predator fish thing..   I bought some Predator fishes yesterday, planning to combine it with my Bigger Alligator Gar..   I Bought: (They are all around the same size, except the Albino Bichir) - 1 Spatula Gar - 2 Alligator...
  3. T

    Hello Everyone

    Just posting here to introduce myself and give everyone a little information. I haven't been in the aquarium hobby as long as most (about 2 years now) but I am picking up on everything fast and want to continue learning about eveything there is to know in the hobby. Right now I am mainly into...
  4. P

    Garfish And Shrimp Mates Help

    So i recently setup a new tank with a gar(i dont know what species it is so dont ask me).I put it in a tank and i thought it was too small,it has to bend its back quite frequently to turn so i transferred it into a new and bigger tank.But, the downside is that tank is already filled with shrimps...