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  1. SRbettas

    Stocking and tankmates for betta

    Hi, Ive recently moved my sorority of three and my trio of kuhli loaches to a 15 gallon tank (57 litres). I was wondering what other fish i could have in the tank preferably something not red or white as tyat is thd colour of my bettas and i want all my fish to stand out. Would Endlers...
  2. W

    Small Oddball Tank Mates

    Hi guys, I’m new to this hobby and have been doing a lot of research, both online and in stores. I’ve been told different things pretty much everywhere I go. I’ve got a 55 Litre tank set up, and i’m definitely getting a betta fish. Are there any small oddball fish you would recommend? I...
  3. sawickib

    Whats Your Favorite Oddballs?

    Seen a lot of these up lol and wanted one myself   Gotta say my favorite oddballs are 1. Black ghost knife fish hybrid - really want a hybrid haha 2. Nandus Nandus - newly found to me love it 3. Bichirs - all upper jaws and endlicheri 4. Puffers - would have to say the fhaka puffer and mbu...
  4. sawickib

    75, 55, 10 Story (Picture Loaded)

    My 12" BGK, had a bad scratch healing up with a little salt. Little apple snail My 6" tire track eel taking a peek Ornate bichir chillen in the back like always Ornate and the endlicheri with each other Some type of datnoid L-169, kinda looks like a loach Couldnt get all 6 of them...
  5. T

    Hello Everyone

    Just posting here to introduce myself and give everyone a little information. I haven't been in the aquarium hobby as long as most (about 2 years now) but I am picking up on everything fast and want to continue learning about eveything there is to know in the hobby. Right now I am mainly into...
  6. DerpPH

    Freshwater Frogfish?

    Hey guys I just wanted to know if any of you have kept freshwater frogfish? I had one but it died. I dont know the reason why? any tips? My frogfish was kept in a 20 gallon tank... It was fed on black mollies that I have bred myself...
  7. DerpPH

    What Oddball Can I Have For My Setup?

    My fish are 1 wagtail platy 6 black mollies 4 glofish 1 albino sailfin molly 3 whiteclouds 1 giant danio And 2 head tail lights They are in a 20.5 gallon tank What oddball can I add?