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  1. A

    Building 200 gallon Aquarium materials

    Hello, We hae a Silver Arowana.. We are looking at building our own 200 gallon Aquarium but we are a little lost on finding the right materials and a decent DIY guide on how to build it... Can someone please help us and outlay what materials are needed, how you build it and also how to keep it...
  2. I

    An idea for keeping arowana

    (To clarify, I do not wish to keep an arowana at this time, as I'm far too incompetent for such a difficult fish) I wonder if anyone has tried this, but since arowana need to jump, why not allow them? Hear me out. Hang a fine net from the ceiling and keep it under the tank. Make sure it's taut...
  3. Arjun

    Newly bought Silver Arowana Always stays at the bottom

    It's been 2 days since I bought a silver Arowana, and he always stays at the bottom when someone is near or during day time. He is about 6 inches, on the first day he just stayed at the bottom with his tail curled in, when I checked at night time he was swimming in all his glory, but during the...
  4. quyenquang1988

    How to prevent and treat Arowana fish with intestinal diseases

    Asian Arowana a with intestinal disease (or inflammatory bowel disease) is a common health problem. Although it is a large-sized fish with a long life span, the arowana is very susceptible to disease when the environment and care regime is not guaranteed. Arowana has intestinal disease that...
  5. A

    Problem feeding my arowana

    Dears: I bought my new arowana 3 days ago and am not happy to feed the aro gold feeder fishes so i want to train it having pellets or sticks..... the problem though i have 3 oscars and severum fish and when i drop into the tank those pellets they attack like crazy and don't give the aro the...
  6. H

    I need advice about my predator tank filtration :)

    Hey Peeps, I have a 375 Gallon Tank with currently: 9 big goldfish 1 baby silver arowana 3 baby motoro stingrays 6 medium discus All living happily ^^ I have a 5x2x1 sump for this tank with overkill amounts of bio balls, marine pure and purigen. However, the water is always hazy. It is not...
  7. C

    Dying Arowana

    I have a red tail gold arowana and i think it is dying. I noticed that its appetite has not been good the last few days and that there seemed to be something wrong with its eye yesterday. But today, one of its eyes has gone red. The liquid, that should be clear, in its right eye has become a...
  8. T

    Hello Everyone

    Just posting here to introduce myself and give everyone a little information. I haven't been in the aquarium hobby as long as most (about 2 years now) but I am picking up on everything fast and want to continue learning about eveything there is to know in the hobby. Right now I am mainly into...