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  1. R

    Making a home for the surprises - A journey

    Hello all, In case you didn't see my previous emergency post about the surprise arrival of my new lil oddballs... I will recap. Because I don't expect you to know, lol. So earlier this week my delivery of 8 ivory mystery snails and 6 neon blue tuxedo guppies arrived and I was thrilled! So I...
  2. E

    Brachygobius doriae in backwater?

    On seriously fish, it says populations of Brachygobius doriae can be found in blackwater swamps with negligible hardness so I'm wondering if store brought ones can be adjusted to blackwater conditions? Has anyone kept them in blackwater? If you have what was the hardness and the pH? Also if they...
  3. Captivatingcreatures

    Stiphodon goby fry, If anyone has ever had cb fry of the stiphodon plmk

    I have 3 kinds of stiphodon goby in my tank you can see the fry look like all the stiphodon kinds, From everything I have read it's never happened because the fry drift to a marine water and grow up there until they become juveniles. The 3 kinds of Stiphodon I have are neon blue, rainbow and...
  4. R

    Is there any type of freshwater goby that doesn’t need a heavy flow?

    I honestly had no idea which forum to post this under, sorry. I just upgraded my tank to a 20g long and I REALLY wanted a pair of gobies, but the more research I do, the less it’s looking good for me. I will have a betta in the tank which is my biggest problem because most gobies like fast...
  5. A

    Gobies in my tank?

    hi everyone :) I’ve wanted a Goby for ages but I thought they were only for marine tanks, then I saw something about freshwater Gobies? Does anyone know if that’s actually a thing? I don’t really know anything about them other than they’re super fun to watch! Are they easy to look after...
  6. Flinkbag

    Love - Hate Relationship

    Hey all!    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I just wanted to show off my Purple Spotted Gudgeon, Dobby, and my Firemouth Cichlid, Susan. They're practically inseparable, yet tend to squabble with each other like an old married couple. Its more just displays than anything...
  7. MadameFizzgig

    How To Travel With A Fish?

    I'll soon be heading home from college, which is about a 16 hour drive. My LFS said that I could bag my violet goby as long as I made sure that there was enough air in the bag for him during the trip. I'm not sure I want to do that, because I think it will stress him out a lot.    If he's going...
  8. MadameFizzgig

    Violet Goby (Dragon Fish) Gasping? Please Help

    Hi everyone,   First off, I am a newbie fish owner. I do not have a ton of experience with fish. That being said, I recently purchased a violet goby from Walmart. He is about 4 inches long. Apparently he was living in fresh water there, but I read that he should be living in brackish water. So...
  9. T

    Hello Everyone

    Just posting here to introduce myself and give everyone a little information. I haven't been in the aquarium hobby as long as most (about 2 years now) but I am picking up on everything fast and want to continue learning about eveything there is to know in the hobby. Right now I am mainly into...
  10. S

    Anyone Know What Type Of Fish This Is?

    Can anyone tell me what kind of fish this is. I was told a loach but not sure if it is or what kind it is?
  11. Mads

    Brackish Tidal Tank With Gobies

    Hi all   It's about time that I introduced myself after enjoying the forum for a while first.   I'm a dane with a passion for gobies and brackish waters.   My main tank is W130*D30*H35 cm with a beach area and many plants such as eloacharis, glossostigma, anubias, java fern, crinum thaianum...
  12. Aviici

    Sumatran Red Neon Goby

    Common name/s: Sumatran Red Neon Goby, S elegens, Freshwater Neon Goby. Scientific name: Stiphodon Elegens. Family: Stiphodon Sp. Origin: South East Asia, Philippines. Maximum size: 8cm/ 3.5" Care: The small adult size of these fish means that a pair could be kept in a 20 Gallon/ 60 Litre...
  13. VickyChaiTea

    Share Your Desert Gobys!

    So, I have recently found out about Desert Gobys and... I want them! Eventually! Specifically C. eremius or C. squamigenus. I've already done some reading about these remarkable fish but I'd like to hear about your experiences with them. And photos!   Do they readily accept dry foods or are they...
  14. LeopardPerch

    Corals For A Low Light Nano

    Hello, I have a ten gallon which is empty and would love to have some more corals in it when I set It up. I plan to have a yellowhead jawfish, royal gramma, a couple of hermit crabs and a good amount of liverock. I have two 24" 20W T8's over the tank and would like some mushroom corals...
  15. LicianDragon

    My Neon Blue Goby Won't Eat!

    I bought a neon blue goby from Jack's Aquarium about a month ago. Hearing these guys are herbivores I bought some green seaweed for him(did not like that the first ingredient in any algae wafers was fish meal...). I have yet to ever see him eat and it looks like he is getting thinner. Should I...