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  1. Blu_bruh

    Ich on betta

    Pls help. i used to be on here more and i have entirely new tank its 20 gal with 3 female bettas one of which looks like she got ich on top of her head (picture below). Theres also snails and shrimp and a few corries. I know copper based ich medicines can kill like half of my tank so i did a...
  2. SRbettas

    Stocking and tankmates for betta

    Hi, Ive recently moved my sorority of three and my trio of kuhli loaches to a 15 gallon tank (57 litres). I was wondering what other fish i could have in the tank preferably something not red or white as tyat is thd colour of my bettas and i want all my fish to stand out. Would Endlers...
  3. D

    Betta sorority

    Morning Folks! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been flirting with the idea of turning my fluval flex 15 tank into a betta sorority. Currently I only have one betta smaragdina female in the planted black water tank. Here are my concerns, I’m not entirely sure what stocking rate would be suitable...
  4. B

    Betta sorority mystery illness

    Hello all, I've recently set up a new betta sorority in a 29 gallon aquarium. The original set up was just plastic plants and some small caves for hiding but I've recently added live plants and driftwood along with new substrate to aide in the plant growth. This is right around where all the...
  5. JBlacksmith

    Betta Sorority - Filtering Problem

    I know the topic of betta sororities has been discussed on various forums ad nauseam. . . But I was hoping someone on here might have some advice! How do you filter a heavily planted tank? I've added tons of plants (silk) and decorations to give each female plenty of hiding spots, but I'm...
  6. Demeter32

    Try for the "blackwater" look

    I very recently learned about black water aquariums and am trying to figure things out with a 10 gallon before possibly doing a 20 gallon. I decided not to mess with changing the pH but if it does change after adding leaves and driftwood, then that's okay. So far, I've added a bunch of oak...
  7. Ammolite

    Preparing for a female betta sorority tank

    As i am moving to a new village, the LFS happens to sell a fantastic range of young female bettas and it was a tuff decision but I definitely want to create an aquascape sorority tank. The tank will not be set up until i have moved in and will be fully cycled before adding in the girls. The LFS...
  8. B

    Help Finding The Culprit.

    I have a female betta sorority tank with 4 females. I went away for the weekend but they were being fed while I was gone. My alpha female now has badly shredded fins, is struggling to swim, labored breathing and mostly on the bottom of the tank. I did take her out and placed her in a smaller...
  9. LyraGuppi

    Poor Little Lapis D:

    One of my sorority girls, Lapis, is not in the best shape. :/ She's the smallest and I believe youngest out of the bunch (She's probably a juvi), and on top of all that the most recent. She's a inch long, with mustard gas coloration.   She isn't lethargic, she eats well, and isn't fin rotting...
  10. nortonmad213

    Can I Put These In A 60L

    Hi all. Just wondering if I'd be able to move my 7 females to a 60l as im closing my main tank for a few months. Thanks a lot.
  11. nortonmad213

    Problem With My Soroity

    hi all, so i set up a sorority a few months ago, everything has been fine, hierarchy got established and since then there has been very little squabbling. lately i have only one or two active fishies and all the rest will just lie on the floor or a plant apart from feeding time. any ideas? ...
  12. LyraGuppi

    My Sorority *pic Heavy*

    Here are the betta girls of my 20 gallon sorority. :)   Pearl, cellophane lady with blueish tinged fins.   Amethyst, a weird color. Fins that look purple in the right lighting, but reflect silver, red, and blue, and purple spots on her side. :?   Topaz, the shy cambodian female.  ...
  13. nortonmad213

    Moving House, Best Way To Move Tanks As Well?

    hi everyone. so i am moving on the 12 of july and am starting to think on what the best way to move my tank would be? its a 3 ft planted sorority with 20 females bettas 7 peppered cories and 2 bn plecs. for obvious reasons i dont want them out of the tank for too long, but i cant just put them...
  14. AquaPit

    First Look At My Female Bettas!

    I got myself 5 female bettas yesterday! They are not named yet so they will be addressed as F1-F5! Haha! Before I show the photos of them, let me share what my plan is.. I'm thinking of getting at least 4 more! But I'm gonna hold that thought first as I wanna see how these bunch of females...
  15. FurFinFeathers

    Minimum Size For A Sorority?

    I was wondering the minimum tank size for a sorority and good tank mates? Thanks :)
  16. nortonmad213

    Meet My Girls :)

    hi, so sorta good news today  MY GIRLS HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED :) im really struggling to get pictures so i will do my best to update as i go.   heres the boss of the group   heres most of them eating :)   heres an fts :)
  17. LyraGuppi

    Going To Attempt A Sorority!

    I have researched bettas and sorority tanks and I think I may attempt one. I have had experience with fish; I'm probably a Beginner- Intermediate. I was thinking of a 25 or 30 gallon tank housing about 9 females. Would this setup be okay? Also, I can't decide what plants to use! I have a few in...
  18. nortonmad213

    Filter Flow For Female Bettas

    hi, so this weekend my breeder has got 30 bettas for me :D i know with male bettas the less flow the better does this stand true for females as they generally have much smaller fins. my filter atm is aimed at the surface for agitation. there are plenty of lulls in the tank for them to chill if...
  19. nortonmad213

    Creating A Betta Soroity Help Required

    hi. so i currently have a 170l tank which i plan on closing and starting again with bettas. i was wondering how difficult it will be to do this and if i will be able to etc. i know i have to have less flow? lots of little hide aways seperate terrotories? is sand substrate ok? do they eat a...
  20. RCA

    Betta Girls, They Can Be As Stunning As The Boys

    Well sorry all of you, I was hoping my 11 y/o nephew was going to be in the mood to wash gravel with me today for my Juwel Vision Project.  Instead however he saw my tripod near the main tank in the bedroom and took some lovely shots of the Betta Girls that I thought I would share with you all...