1. G

    What is suitable for a small 18-20litre tank?

    Hi all, I have always wanted to keep tropical fish and thought I would start small. I am looking into getting an 18/20 litre tank and I’m looking for advice as to wether this will be large enough to keep 3 guppies. I have researched online but different sources have different answers. I would...
  2. L

    White Spot (only one)

    I’ve had guppies on and off. I recently purchased this one and she was fine in when I got her. Few days later she developed this big white spot on her tail, both side. She moves around fine and all the other fish are clear. I wonder if it’s just something that happens or if I need to do...
  3. H

    How far along in their pregnancies? Two separate guppies. Please refer as guppy 1/guppy 2.

    People told me that guppy 1 was 2-3 weeks away from birth, while guppy 2 was 1-2 weeks away. Just looking for some reassurance so I can be prepared. Thanks!
  4. N

    Guppy with big stomach and white stringy poop. What should I do?

    My guppy (in picture) has developed a pretty big stomach and white stringy poop recently. He has also had moments where he seems to spazz out a bit. The water conditions were fine except for the gh which was a lil high. I have since put in some parasite medicine. Anything else I should do?
  5. E

    Is this guppy male or female?

    I'm new to tropical fishkeeping! Recently added some guppies to my tank which I were told were male but I am starting to think the black one is female? Mainly because lack of colour, shorter tail and rounder body compared to the others. Just wondered if anyone could clarify through the photos...
  6. S

    Help With Names!

    This is going to one of my more fun posts! I need help with finding names for my soon to be 5 guppys and 1 snail! I'm thinking of group names from TV shows, movies, books, etc. I will post a poll with some of my ideas and please vote for your favorite option! (There will be an option labeled...
  7. kittyclown

    My guppy tank

    I took some photos of my guppies today and wanted to share! I only have 4 right now (2m 2f) and I'm raising 3 fry at the moment ^ This is a sandwich! shes shyer than the other fish usually so its hard to get a lot of photos of her. ^ This is my FAVORITE guppy I have, I think she's so...
  8. Izzy_guppy_303


    Hello it’s me again, my fish are now pooping pretty normal, however I did a cleaning of the tank I think I did too much of a water change and gravel clean. I added dechlorinator though. However I think I overfed them. Now they r staying at the top all of the together. Maybe they r in shock. They...
  9. kittyclown

    Is a 20g tall better than a normal 10g for guppies?

    SO i recently have gotten back into the aquairum hobby as of last christmas, and due to space issues iv only had room for a 10 gallon at the moment. I have had it up since christmas and i recently got some guppies for it, Right now i currently have 4 guppies (2 females, 2 males) and 3 guppy fry...
  10. M

    How many fish?

    Hi, I have a 70l fish tank, and i just wanted to know how many fish I could keep in it? We have 11, and my family and I are arguing over whether we should get more! We have 5 neon tetras, 2 glass catfish and 4 guppies. Thanks
  11. Izzy_guppy_303


    Hello I am fairly new to this forum, I am now a owner of four male guppies. They live in a 6.7 gallon tank and unfortunately I feel like it’s my fault for not noticing that when I brought my three new fish to add to the tank one of them was acting odd. I’m talking about swimming by the filter...
  12. S

    How to raise GH without PH getting too alkaline.

    I'm keeping livebearers: platy, molly, guppies. The platy and guppy do ok, but the molly's always have issues. I lose fish every now and again to common livebearer diseases. My tank parameters have always been good. I use an Api kit. Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 5-10, Ph 7.8, temp 78. Water...
  13. D

    Does anyone know if this guppy has fin rot and bent spine?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can identify what type of guppy this is and if there is fin rot or if its tail is supposed to be like that? Also bent spine? Or is it ok? Thanks.
  14. D

    Guppy has fuzzy cloudy eyes

    Hi my guppy has developed white fuzz on eyes. Not sure what it is. Its only developed today. Does anyone know what this is?
  15. N

    Guppies with long poop

    Hi - we have a number of female guppies (most young and mid size) but noticing they having long poos regularly. We are careful to not over feed. They have live plants in tank and are feed on flake food. They are not lethargic at all and very interested in food, go mad for it. So not looking like...
  16. N

    8 male guppies in a 15 gal planted tank? With cory cats?

    Hello all! I have a 15 gal. column tank that is heavily planted and well filtered. I have an albino pleco that has lived there for about 4 years. I am thinking about adding the following: 7-8 (or as many as will fit while staying healthy) male guppies 2-3 cory catfish 1 nerite snail Any...
  17. GuppyFanaticxd

    Thinking of going from artificial decorations to live plants. How can I make this less stressful for fish?

    Hi again. I've had a 10 gallon tank for over a year but I'm starting to think of switching from artificial to live plants. How can I make it less stressful, since it could be a drastic change in aquarium? I can also provide tank parameters if needed, and any advice is appreciated. :) EDIT...
  18. G

    HELP! I don't want to lose this fish!

    I have a low tech aquarium with Japanese Blue & Gold double sword guppies and shrimp that have been doing fantastic. My shrimp in other aquariums have been thriving because I feed blood worms to the fish so they eat them as well. Today I decided to feed my shrimp in the guppy tank some blood...
  19. D

    Fin Nipping or Fin Rot on my guppy

    Hello, i am looking for some advice. I have noticed my male guppy has a few marks on his tail. Like a silvery whitish patch here and there. Is this fin rot, fin nipping or something else? Currently i have only 4 male guppies together in the tank. I don't want to dose him if not necessary with...
  20. I

    [HELP] Clamped Fins - Young Guppy

    Firstly, I’d like to say I’m a bit new to fishkeeping, but I’m learning every day — thanks in advance for understanding. [EDIT] Picture attached is rotated — he’s always swimming horizontally. That’s just him pecking at some algae. I currently have a 20 gallon freshwater tank with some...