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  1. J

    Freshwater Catfish ID

    I recently bought a small catfish from Petsmart that was mistakenly put in with the otocinclus. I have no idea what it is even after searching through google. It mostly hides until the food comes out. It’s a voracious eater and has already grown a good amount. Any help would be greatly...
  2. C

    Urgent advise - help!!

    Hi, I have a 70L fresh water tank. I have 2 koris and started with about 6 female guppies and 4 male guppies. I’ve had them for about 7 months and it was going well. They have been procreating and I think I ended up with about 25 guppies or so. I went to my usual fish shop yesterday and they...
  3. Annemarie

    Water hardness/softness

    Hello everyone, So seeing as I’ve been told that my water is soft at 38ppm, I’ve been scouring the internet looking for fish I may want down the road. Problem is, so many of the fish I find myself looking at want 45-60ppm or above (at least according to seriously fish). I don’t want to make any...
  4. Sparklehoofs

    Can anyone identify this white dust on anubias?

    Hi, I have a lot of tanks. All have been running fine for months. Some heavily planted. 2 planted tanks have just turned upside down and have no idea why. 1 had only green spot algae and I just removed the plant it was affecting before dosing with phosphate to fix this. The second tank had...
  5. J

    New Oranda missing scales

    Hello!! I have a new tank with a juvenile Oranda and a Ryukin. I've had the fish for about 3 weeks, and the tank has been running for about 6 weeks and everything has been perfect until a couple of days ago. I noticed the Oranda looked to be missing scales but they almost look like they're just...
  6. S

    Stocking a 72 Gallon Bow Front

    Hello! Looking for stocking opinions on my 72gal bow front as I've never stocked a tank this big before. I plan on having it heavily planted with lots of wood and rock caves. I know 100% that I want angelfish in this tank. My current thoughts are this... 2x Angelfish (Pair) 2x Bolivian Ram...
  7. M

    Help! Gourami's turning black

    Hello fish community! I have 4 honey gouramis that I have had for almost a year now and two are turning black. They sort of looked like they rolled around in mud, it’s covering their fins and body. One looks more black then the other but I want to make sure this doesn’t spread to any other...
  8. L

    Emperor tetra swimming sideways

    Hi, I've had some emperor tetras for 5+ months now and a few months ago 2 got sick, they had severe buyoncy issues, one had a crooked spine and an infected injury as well (the other didn't). I did daily water changes and put medicine in the water suggested at my local fish shop and luckily none...
  9. F

    Snail eggs?? Should I be concerned?

    Hey y’all! I’m Jon, and I’m new to the fish scene. Ive had all of my fish for 3 months now. They all get along well, and all are thriving. I was cleaning my tank today and I found this right above the surface, hanging from the middle part. I have a 55 gallon tank and here are my fish: 1 red...
  10. S

    Tinfoil Barb having Blood on its scales | Urgent help

    Hello, I have a tinfoil barb of age around 2 years. A week ago it was healthy, active and eating food regularly. But suddenly I spotted blood on its scales and it was spreading to its other scales as well. However, the fish is eating properly and active as hell even now. Please help me, i dont...
  11. K

    What type of fish is this?

    I am looking to see what kind of fish this is
  12. G

    Betta Compatibility for 40 gallons tank

    I got 7 rosy barbs in a 40 gallon all of them are of 2-3inchs in size with a 3 spot gourami. The issue is that 3 spot has grown too large so I am thinking of replacing it with a betta(male). My Rosy barbs have never nipped the fins of the gourami and 40gal seems right for this many fish. The...
  13. Mizz_MayDK

    Female aquarist in Denmark

    Hi there I'm originally English but I live in Denmark. I'm fairly new to the hobby - and I've gone ALL in ... within 5 months I've gone from 0 to 7 tanks (360L, 250L, 190L, 150L, 125L, 40L, 20L) and I'm planning on a rack system with 3 x 80L ... I have got the rack system and the aquariums, but...
  14. S

    Platy looks a bit boxy

    My platy looks a bit boxy and i would like some confirmation from someone who knows what they're doing
  15. Danby

    Gold fish Eye Problem

    Hi as you can see in the attached photos, one of fishes eyes has turned red. Im worried and a little lost about what to do, For the last two weeks, ive noticed a white spot in the middle of this eye, assuming it was some sort of blindness or bacterial infection i started doing 2x weekly water...
  16. B

    What are some hard to recreate biotope types in the aquarium hobby?

    My main interest when it comes to aquatic animals like fish and aquatic invertebrates it has always been to create biotopes as close to how they would experience it in their native homes whether it's a humid rainforest or a carribean coral reef near the beach. My question here is this , what...
  17. D

    Weird fly hatching out of tank?! Help!

    Hello Everyone, About 5 days ago I bought Hornwort and Duckweed from a local guy that had a pond in his backyard in Wisconsin. About 2 days after adding the plants to my tank, I've begun to notice a few of these small black/yellow flies on plants on the surface of the tank. Should I worry about...
  18. C

    One week into a fish less cycle

    Hi everyone , I am one week into my fishless cycle and am seeing high levels of ammonia and nitrites with medium to low levels of nitrates. I am now experiencing a hair algae bloom. Am I doing something wrong ? I have a 135 litre planted tank with a Co2 system. I run the lights for...
  19. T

    White fluff on plants and decorations

    Hi, I’m still pretty new to the aquarium hobby. I have a 70L (18 gallon) tank that’s been running for 4 weeks. I was a told by my local fish store to do a fish in cycle (a mistake I have since found out) so I am currently nearing the end of that (I think). Recently there has been a load of...
  20. PygmyMitch

    48 litre Betta Tank

    Hi guys, this is my 48 litre tank which I have been Setting up for a while. I plan for this tank to be home to a male Betta fish, and a small school of fish, and maybe some shrimp or snails. There are currently no fish in the tank, but I do have 4 Echindorous Bleheri, plants and some Salvinia...