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  1. S

    Platy looks a bit boxy

    My platy looks a bit boxy and i would like some confirmation from someone who knows what they're doing
  2. Danby

    Gold fish Eye Problem

    Hi as you can see in the attached photos, one of fishes eyes has turned red. Im worried and a little lost about what to do, For the last two weeks, ive noticed a white spot in the middle of this eye, assuming it was some sort of blindness or bacterial infection i started doing 2x weekly water...
  3. B

    What are some hard to recreate biotope types in the aquarium hobby?

    My main interest when it comes to aquatic animals like fish and aquatic invertebrates it has always been to create biotopes as close to how they would experience it in their native homes whether it's a humid rainforest or a carribean coral reef near the beach. My question here is this , what...
  4. D

    Weird fly hatching out of tank?! Help!

    Hello Everyone, About 5 days ago I bought Hornwort and Duckweed from a local guy that had a pond in his backyard in Wisconsin. About 2 days after adding the plants to my tank, I've begun to notice a few of these small black/yellow flies on plants on the surface of the tank. Should I worry about...
  5. C

    One week into a fish less cycle

    Hi everyone , I am one week into my fishless cycle and am seeing high levels of ammonia and nitrites with medium to low levels of nitrates. I am now experiencing a hair algae bloom. Am I doing something wrong ? I have a 135 litre planted tank with a Co2 system. I run the lights for...
  6. T

    White fluff on plants and decorations

    Hi, I’m still pretty new to the aquarium hobby. I have a 70L (18 gallon) tank that’s been running for 4 weeks. I was a told by my local fish store to do a fish in cycle (a mistake I have since found out) so I am currently nearing the end of that (I think). Recently there has been a load of...
  7. PygmyMitch

    48 litre Betta Tank

    Hi guys, this is my 48 litre tank which I have been Setting up for a while. I plan for this tank to be home to a male Betta fish, and a small school of fish, and maybe some shrimp or snails. There are currently no fish in the tank, but I do have 4 Echindorous Bleheri, plants and some Salvinia...
  8. T

    Help! White Stuff on Goldfish Head

    Ive noticed my oranda has white stuff coming out of its head. I have 4 other goldfish, but are all doing fine. Cant figure out what it is...
  9. B

    What are some filters I can build alongside my undergravel filter?

    These are the images of my recently established freshwater 140 liter tank located in a dark corner in my dad's home office . In total the tank has 10 wild caught cardinal tetras and 4 corydoras duplicareus catfish and so far they have been looking healthy and active preferring to stay in...
  10. B

    How many cardinal tetras can I add at once?

    I am gonna get myself my first aquarium which will be a 160 liter blackwater setup designed to mimic the habitat of cardinal tetras with lot's of floating amazon frogbit plants at the top along with leaves and driftwood made out of oak on the bottom. I will use low flowrate filtration intended...
  11. A

    What to add to my tank

    I have a 55 gallon freshwater tank with: 7 tiger barbs 6 neon tetras 5 white skirt tetras 4 albino Cory cats 1 Rainbow Shark I was wondering what other fish I could add to the tank. I’m open to any suggestions.
  12. SteakNShrimp

    Bloated Tiger Barbs?

    A few of my Tiger Barbs seem to have enlarged stomachs. I did some research and came up with - Swim Blatter Disease - Constipation - Dropsy But I’m not sure if my fish have these problems because they aren’t displaying most of the symptoms. They aren’t swimming weird, they are all eating, and...
  13. SteakNShrimp

    55g Centerpiece Fish?

    This is what I am planning so far for my 55g tank. - 24 Tiger Barbs - 5 Denison’s - 1 Rainbow Shark - 3 Zebra loaches - 1 Ram (maybe 2) - 2 Pictus Catfish - maybe a school of an undecided Tetra or Rasbora species Any suggestions on a decently large (but not too large) centerpiece fish...
  14. SteakNShrimp

    Will these fish work well?

    I have a 55g tank with a few fish already in and I’m planning on adding more. I was wondering if my stocking ideas will work well. Please give me any suggestions and advice for my tank. I already have - 1 Rainbow Shark - 1 Rainbow Fish (Boesemani) - 1 Zebra Loach - 1 Male Marigold Swordtail -...
  15. Deonbell2009

    Hi, i need some help with guppies in a outdoor pond for winter

    So i live in Southern Alberta, langdon, and i was thinking of keeping some guppies in some buckets and letting them breed as food for my snake, and i could possibly sell them. im very new to this forum, and i am wondering is this safe? especially for alberta? i have a plan to put the buckets and...
  16. pjwilford


    I’m finding this fish has a mysterious white spot. seems like some sort of fungus. a black molly of mine has it all over as well. Will pimafix cure this? What is it?? I have a guppy currently giving birth right now too. will meds be safe for babies?
  17. F

    Stocking Question

    Hello! I have fishless cycled a 45 gallon (tall) aquarium. I added my 5 Mickey Mouse platys yesterday and I’d like suggestions on what else to add. I’d like a “house keeper” or a shoal of them for sure! I have sand as my substrate, temperature is 76 degrees, ph 7-7.5, ammonia & nitrite - 0...
  18. Seantheplatydaddy

    Male platy bent body and trouble breathing

    Tank size: 10 gallons pH: between 6.5 and 7.0 ammonia: unknown rn nitrite: 0 ppm nitrate: 40 ppm kH: 80 ppm gH: 120 ppm tank temp: 78 F Fish Symptoms: I just put down a fish for swim bladder disease. Sam (the current sick fish) has been sick for a few weeks. I treated the tank with a parasite...
  19. E

    Need Help Identifying Fish

    Hello to Everyone - I just got back into keeping a freshwater aquarium. I wanted my boys to see some of the fish that were living in a small pond on the property that we just moved to. I identified the mosquito fish without issue but there are another type that look like some kind of cichlid...
  20. R

    60 gallon stocking? Help!?

    I recently got my 60 gallon tank and I’m not sure what to stock it with. I have 1 male and 1 female dwarf gourami who greatly need an upgrade from their 30 gallon tank. I would love to put them along with a red tail shark and possibly 2 more female dwarf gourami into the 60 gallon. I’d also like...