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Nov 15, 2017
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Hi, I bought two What I was told was two common Plecos, as I’m quite new to fish I didn’t question it, I’ve had them for about a year with 4 goldfish and two Apple snails, I’ve only just recently discovered as I tried to identify the breed of pleco, that they are infact Chinese Algae eaters.

Apparently they are meant to be aggressive, I was wondering at what age would they be considered mature and if I would be able to keep them with my other fish

So far nothing has happened to anyone and they all seem to get along fine
The Chinese Algae Eater, Gyrinocheilus aymonieri, is not a recommended fish for community tanks unless they are very, very large, and then depending upon tankmates. Goldfish are much too docile to risk with CAE.

As it matures this fish becomes aggressive, especially toward slow-swimming flat-bodied fish. Should not be kept with fish that remain close to the substrate such as cichlids or catfish. It has frequently been observed grazing mucus from the flanks of other fish. It also is naturally gregarious, and should have a group of say six to spread out the aggression that will inevitably occur from fewer in the same tank. When the fish might decide to go down this road is difficult to say, but it is an inherent trait of the species.

I would get rid of both of them as soon as possible. I don't know the tank size, that factors in to aggression in fish, but even if this is say a four or five foot tank, remove them. They are also heavy on the biological system, as are goldfish, so this is another problem later if not now.


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