1. D

    Help?! My molly is attacking new fish?

    So I have over a 20 gallon tank which my Molly shared with a DG. I got new fish which have bright stripes on them so I moved my DG into another tank. After I put these guys in my Molly started attacking them! I even watched him bury in sand until one would pass by!! I took my Molly pit...
  2. wolfgirlj

    New Female Platy is Hiding, is it Because of My Guppy?

    Tank is 20 gallon 1 dwarf gourami 2 mystery snails 6 neon tetras 1 female guppy 1 female platy (added two days ago) The last water change was the day before I got the platy, and water conditions matched the store conditions. The platy has seemed a little on edge since added, but not darting...
  3. PetMaster

    Killer Fish on the Loose???

    I have a 5 gallon tank. All fish were male. Day 1: I placed 2 Mickey Mouse Platys and 1 Blue Platy in it. Day 1 (6 hours later): 1 Mickey Mouse Platy is missing, assume he is dead. Day 3: Introduce 1 Black Molly and 1 Dalmatian Molly with the 2 remaining Platys. Day 32: Both Mollys are...
  4. Danby

    CAE Problem

    Hi, I bought two What I was told was two common Plecos, as I’m quite new to fish I didn’t question it, I’ve had them for about a year with 4 goldfish and two Apple snails, I’ve only just recently discovered as I tried to identify the breed of pleco, that they are infact Chinese Algae eaters...
  5. S

    Bristlenose Eggs - Are They In Danger?

    One of my male BN is harbouring his eggs in his cave I'm just curious whether I should move them. They're in a tank with about 12 corys 6 peppered 6 Julii and about 8 or so other BN 6 female 2 male and 8 rummynoses.    - Thanks Smelliot