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When a Blessing Becomes A Curse

I actually see all my specialists easier than my Internal Medicine doc.. I have a
opthomologist (surgeon & eye doc)
I had a radiation oncologist but have not needed him for a couple of years.

The one thing I do not have yet is an undertaker and I am not shopping for one.
The biggest shortage of physicians is for primary care internists. They have the quickest burn out rate. When the time comes, and I hope it’s a long time from now, you won’t have to wait long for an undertaker.😜
Do not let it this get out, but I am planning to live forever, or as close to it as I can get ...........
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There aren’t enough doctors in the United States. I worked 65-70 hour weeks and still always had a 3 month waiting list. Just no way to make it work without sleeping in my office.

Problem with that is when my father had what resembled a minor stroke he couldn't get any priority to get him in in less than 3 months. He's 73 and had a serious episode which I explained to his Drs office. It's very frustrating especially when he wanted to go there because he's comfortable with his Dr that he's been seeing for 30 years plus. It's straight up BS if you ask me i don't care how much work you have, when somethings serious exceptions should be made.

I did take him to the ER originally but I wanted to follow it up with his Dr. so they could dive into it a bit deeper. In my head 3 months at his age might be the difference between life and death and I promise you if something happened to him in those 3 months because they couldn't see him I would personally hold them accountable.

I'm sure everyone feels the same about their loved ones. At his age I want to make sure he gets the best care possible in a reasonable amount of time. Our seniors and vets should get priority care in my opinion
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I must be in a medical oasis. The only time either Linda or I had an issue with waiting was with a Dermatologist. Me many many years ago and Linda recently. We have one office locally.

Antonio, our family care physician is has us both on a visit schedule which is a price of our age. Neither of us have ever waited more than 5 minutes from check in to get in. The few times one of us has needed an unscheduled visit we have gone the same day. I have two specialists as does Linda. Both those offices are much the same though not equally efficient. All these physicians were selected after we test drove several offices.

We live between two hospitals, both managed by the administrators of a distant large hospital. Although I hear many horror stories about their ERs, the one recent time we needed to use it was not to bad. That might have more to do with my personality than their efficiency though. I have a very adverse reaction to any sign of incompetence at any level of a business from reception to management and all in between.
The medical system in Australia is broken too. It's pathetic and is caused by state and federal governments not bothering to build infrastructure during the last 30 years. In the 1980s-90s I could call a doctor and get in on that day. Around the turn of the century I could call my doctor or any doctor and get in within a few days.

In 2006 I was exposed to asbestos and herbicide (glyphosate) contaminated dust and couldn't breath properly. I rang around the doctors asking for an emergency appointment and nobody would see me for at least a week. I ended up at a GP clinic 1km up the road, walked in said I needed help and collapsed on the floor. They rang the hospital and I ended up there.

In 2008 I had a stroke and spent 8 hours sitting in the hospital waiting room before a doctor came out to see me. He said I had a head ache and to take aspirin. He said if the pain persists to call my doctor. Well I didn't take aspirin because that makes strokes worse and I did call my doctor. It took 10 days before I could get in to see my GP and the headache had almost gone by then. The doctor at the hospital misdiagnosed and the stroke was confirmed a week later by a surgeon, another doctor and a nurse at a different hospital.

Since 2018 I had been unable to find a doctor that was taking on new patients, let alone one that bulk bills for pensioners.

In 2021 I found a GP but he charges $60 for 10 minutes and I can get in to see him in a day, sometimes less if needed. This is because he doesn't bulk bill. Most other doctors aren't taking on new patients or have a 2-3 month wait before you can get in to see them.

When I tried to get an appointment with a dermatologist a few weeks ago, they said the earliest appointment is in July. I said I needed something urgently because the skin was falling off my legs and I could see muscle tissue. They got me in a week later.

We have ambulances waiting outside hospitals for up to 12 hours before they can get emergency patients into the hospital, this is from lack of beds in the hospital. People are actually dying in ambulances because they can't get into a hospital bed for treatment.

People that normally see their local GP are actually going to hospitals for treatment just to get a prescription for medication because they can't get into their doctor.

All these issues are happening right around the country and the government aren't doing anything about it. Our medical system is going the way of the system in the USA where the rich can afford private medical care and the poor can't even get medical care. It's disgraceful. Come to Australia the lucky country. You will be lucky if you can find somewhere to live and lucky if you can find a doctor to treat you. If you get sick in Australia and end up in hospital, there's a very good chance you will contract a drug resistant bacterial infection while you are there. If you get sick in Australia, you may as well look online for medical care and drink snake oil because that's about all the medical care you can get now.

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