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Fish Crazy
Feb 21, 2017
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what is the hardest fish to keep in your experience?
From my understanding the hardest SW fish to keep are Moorish Idols and Copper band butterflies and of freshwater the hardest fish to keep is the discus. And the hardest freshwater plant to keep is probably HC baby tears
Hardest to keep question has so many variables its almost impossible to answer this.

It all depends on a huge number of factors, tank sizes, water parameters, fishkeeping experience, knowledge of whichever species, filter types, flows, lighting, brackish, salinity, plants and so on and so forth.

What could be easy to keep, such as guppies is easy for the keeper who lives in a hard water area but very difficult for those who live in very soft water areas so having to adjust pH, gH and kH is often a difficult and onerous task so that could be one example.

As for plants, a lot of folks find it difficult to keep certain plant depsite having them listed as low tech plants, I know of several keepers who simply cannot keep java ferns or valisernias alive but can keep amazon swords and more demanding plants without any problems.

So it kinds of depends on your viewpoint really.

Of course there are many 'difficult' species of fish and plants to keep but this can be learned through experience and using a lot of common sense, though not something i'd recommend trying on with a £1,000 fish for the first time without research and asking advice thoroughly. ;)

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