My 50 Gal Hex Before Hurricane Sandy


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Dec 25, 2012
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Hello E/everyone.
This was My 50 gallon Hex "prior" to hurricane Sandy hitting the East coast. I'm in Eastern PA and we lost power here for a week. It got cold (including the tank) 59 degrees at its coldest before I was able to aim a propane space heater at the tank, warming it back up to about 65. At it's coldest My main concern was killing the tetras occupying the tank.
I didn't lose any, but after approx 1 week with power and heater back the water turned cloudy. I assume I lost all the good bacteria with the cold water, and the resulting fish waste, etc. I did several 50% water changes over 2 weeks and now it's back to normal. Never did have any not totally certain what happened but this is My guess.

I'll post an update soon...(oh boy???) lol
I keep the ph at 6.8
KH at 3 - 5
GH at 6 - 10
Temp 76
CO2 injection with a diffuser hooked up to a Fluval 305 filter

Love the wrinkly java fern, and the grass looks great too. How did your plants do with the cold??? Happy to hear your fish made it, incredible!!!
They survived just fine.  However the cold killed all the bacteria (I think)  Got VERY cloudy water and a severe case of "beard algae"  Several water changes seems to have calmed things down.
Can we see a further back picture?? im interested in seeing a big pic of it ! =D
ptgcutter said:
They survived just fine.  However the cold killed all the bacteria (I think)  Got VERY cloudy water and a severe case of "beard algae"  Several water changes seems to have calmed things down.
hmmm... if the bacteris was wiped out, you would have had ammonia spikes for sure! With the beard algae, it sounds like the cloudiness might have been an algae bloom, maybe from the fluctuating temp? not sure, but I would lean more towards an algae bloom. Great that you got it worked out though, good for you! :good:
Here is the same tank with plants on February 1, 2013.  Since hurricane I've plumbed in a CO2 reactor (under the tank) and that has improved the CO2 injection and the PH is staying at a constant 6.8.  The tall plants in back are Aponogeton, crispus and have flowered 5 or 6 times since November.  I was hoping when I purchased these that they would fill the center height of the back of the tank, but they just grow tall and the leaves cover the surface and block a lot of the light for the lower plants.  I can't make myself remove them though...LOL
WOW. your vallis corkscrew looks so much better than mine 
, i just planted it and its all melty schmelty.
I got My origionals from "".  They arrived healthy and intact within 7 - 10 business days but also with snails.  I use "poor man dosing drops" (pmdd) at a rate of 20 every other day as fertilizer.  7 hours of light a day on 2 timers...6500 watts (two bulbs) from coralife.  I stagger the lights to come and off about 1 hour apart.  I read somewhere it's good to simulate the sunrise and sunset....IDK.
They had taken over the front of the tank, and I just threw out about 5 plants to open a viewing area in the front.  Hate throwing them out but none of the "fish" stores I've talked to wanted plants...sooooo
Anyway all of this was learned the hard way over the years.  It's a fine balance of light, temp, fert, water, etc.   I'm sure you already know this....<smile>
I wouldn't think the cold killed bacteria, but with nothing running through the filter (power out for a week) that could have done it.
Yes, I agree.  I never tested the water while waiting for the power to be restored.  I did test after when I had the cloudy water and there was no indication of a spike.  I did the water changes, and took the Fluval apart and rinsed the foam filters. 
It's doing great now and I'm very happy with the growth of the plants.
How long has your tank in the pic been set up?

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