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  1. Falconwithaboxon

    Tank temperature plummeting

    So I've been keeping fish for quite a few years now and this is an issue I've never seen. When I woke up this morning, My fish tank was around 78f and now, only about 4 hours later, it is cold enough the thermometer is not picking up a reading. The thermometer has very limited range, 50f-100f...
  2. outofwater

    Cold nights, spotty heating

    So last night I had to wrap the tank with towels because the apt heat was spotty and the tank heater was on nonstop. Thankfully it kept up, didn't let the temp drop below 74 in the tank. The maintenance people seem to have fixed the heat issue in the building today. I have a silicone rubber...
  3. Flubberlump

    Can't keep temperature stable throughout tank

    Tank size - 25ltr (~6.5gal) planted Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 10-20 pH - 7 Temperature - should be 27C throughout Inhabitants - 1 male betta splendens, 3 Sulawesi snails Plants - bacopa amplexicaulis, cryptocorne moellmanii, Anubias nana mini, dwarf hairgrass, water lettuce I have a 25w...
  4. mrstwalker

    Cold Water Pleco/snails - Help!

    I am getting some allege in my cold water koi tank, i was wondering if there are any allege eating pleco type fish that could be in at tank that stays around 68-70*F-ish or snails that wont escape (openings in the top) I would really like to NOT get snails, but i need something to eat up this...
  5. B

    Temperature For Guppies

    Hey! I was just wondering what the best temperature for my tank is.  I have guppies, mollies, tetras, and an algae eater.  Is there a "perfect spot" for the temperature? 
  6. P

    My 50 Gal Hex Before Hurricane Sandy

    Hello E/everyone. This was My 50 gallon Hex "prior" to hurricane Sandy hitting the East coast. I'm in Eastern PA and we lost power here for a week. It got cold (including the tank) 59 degrees at its coldest before I was able to aim a propane space heater at the tank, warming it back up to...