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Sep 23, 2013
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We have a winner in Fishforums.net
March 2024 Tank
of the Month Contest
We had 8 awesome tanks entered in this month's TOTM contest featuring tanks sized at 16 gallons and smaller but only one could win...
And the winner is.......
Let's all congratulate them
Here's the winning tank and its description
This is one of my 5 gals. It's been more or less in it's present form for about a year.

Plants are vallis, ludwigia palustris super red, Limnophila sessiliflora, Buce kedagang. The vallis and buce are quite recent additions so are yet to fill out properly.

Critters are one zebra nerite, 10 Sundadanio Axelrodi and unknown number of cherry shrimp.

I have plain sand as substrate with root tabs, liquid ferts are TNC lite.

I use a mix of rain water and tap water in a 3:1 ratio to achieve a gh of 5 and a kh of 3. pH tends to stabilise out at around 6.8.

I have a 150lph mini internal nicrew filter and a hygger led light which i leave on for 8 hours a day. I have sporadic aeration for 15 mins 6 times a day. This is not necessary but i do it to keep the surface of the water nice and clean. there can be a build up of an oily film if I do not aerate at all. I use a Superfish 50 watt heater which i house in a superfish ceramic heater cover. Temp is kept around 23C.

I have a Juwel STR 3D background.

I use catappa leaves and alder cones and oak leaves to help keep the pH down a bit and add a little tint to the water. I feed the fish once a day on either NT labs micro crumb, crushed bug bite spirulina flakes or live bbs or live microworms. the Shrimp get cory pellets or algae wafers. I sometimes make my own shrimp lollies.

I do 50% water changes once a week.

I'm really happy with the setup and everything seems really stable and the fish seem very happy.

i have another 5 gal which I could enter if need be. let me know if one more entry would be desirable/allowed.
Congrats to @Mikeyboy123 for your beautiful perfectly planted 5 gallon tank. Nice job @Mikeyboy123
Coming in 2nd place is @Eskimo with their nicely aquascaped 10 gallon tank. Great looking tank!
And coming in 3rd place is @Jacob the tank keeper with their uniquely aquascaped custom made 4 gallon tank. Love the hardscape.

Right now we are accepting entries for our Pet of the Month contest. If you have a pet besides fish, we hope you show it off in the POTM contest.
CLICK HERE to view the entry thread.
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I'm 5 hours ahead here so was in bed when this was announced!

Thanks to everyone for voting for me. I was definitely up against some really cool tanks, so to get the most votes was very pleasing and I'm glad that many of you liked it.

It's a pretty simple low tech tank with some easy to grow plants, and I think that's probably as far down the "aquascaping" road that I'm likely to be going.

Now that I'll have a TOTM banner, I suppose I should add a profile photo of some kind.

Thanks again.

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