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🐠 TOTM Seisage - June 2024 Tank of the Month Winner


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Sep 23, 2013
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We have a winner in Fishforums.net
June 2024 Tank
of the Month Contest
We had 8 awesome tanks entered in this month's TOTM contest featuring tanks sized at 16 gallons and smaller but only one could win...
And the winner is.......
Let's all congratulate them
Here's the winning tank and its description

Tank is a Top Fin(?) 6gal corner tank with built-in LEDs (which I don't love, but I have to live with). The substrate is my usual pool filter sand, perfect for ADFs.

The hardscape is all foraged materials from my local coastline. The centerpiece rock with holes in it is a stone that had been colonized by rock-boring clams. The wood is rootwood of salal and/or rhododendron (so it's very similar to spiderwood).

Plants are Anubias and java fern (and duckweed.....). The Bacopa is mostly dead at this point, unfortunately. I think I'll be sticking with epiphytes if I want to add any other plants to this tank in the future.

Tank is left unheated since the inhabitants are from cool, shaded water. Temps range from 71-73F.
Filtration is a small sponge filter.
Maintenance is 50% water change once per week.
No ferts (plants seem to be growing alright).

Inhabitants are my two ADFs, Soup and Dumpling, as well as six amano shrimp
Frogs get fed 6x per week with frozen brine shrimp or mysis shrimp. Shrimp get fed 2-3x per week with Fluval Bug Bites shrimp formula.
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Congrats to @Seisage with your awesome ADF and shrimp 6 gallon tank. Beautiful tank. You have now won both Pet of the Month and Tank of the Month. Now you just need to win a Fish of the Month contest for the Trifecta!.
Coming in 2nd place is @MaloK with their nicely aquascaped 4.8 gallon shrimp tank. Good going.
And coming in 3rd place is @WhistlingBadger with his 10 gallon nicely laid out Walstad style tank. Good job,

On another note, right now we are looking for entries in our Fish of the Month contest. For June we are featuring Cichlids. If you have Cichlids, we hope you enter ONE of them into the contest.
CLICK HERE to view the entry thread.
Congrats! I love seeing the contests every Month! Way to go!
I would like to see more participation in the contests. Right now we are featuring Cichlids for our June Fish of the Month contest. If you have Cichlids, we hope you enter one of them in the contest.
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Yes, I was so surprised over the low number of voting for this one. A click of the button to Vote. Hopefully this next one we get more Votes! All, please Vote! And enter your tanks, pet, fish, etc.. This is a neat contest! Lots of good entries every month… Everyone has a chance to get in and maybe win!

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