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Sep 23, 2013
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We have a winner in Fishforums.net
April 2024 Tank
of the Month Contest
We had 5 awesome tanks entered in this month's TOTM contest featuring tanks sized at 17 to 30 gallons but only one could win...
And the winner is.......
Let's all congratulate them
Here's the winning tank and its description
This is my 20 Gallon! I first gained interest in fishkeeping last fall, and I’ve had this tank since November.

Tank Specs:
20 Gallon Long
Fluval HOB filter with pre-filter sponge

3 painted platies: Julian (M), Susan (F), and Gertrude (F), plus at least one fry
3 Zebra danio
2 White cloud mountain minnow
2 Otocinclus
1 Pygmy Cory (looking to get more obviously)
3 Cherry shrimp (also looking to get more)
Too many ramshorn snails (currently trying to lose)
My LFS now has Tiger Limia, getting some of those soon? :hmm:

Gold Ribbon
Amazon sword “ocelot”
Java moss
Bamboo (new!)
Red root floaters (new!)

You can find my journal thread for this tank here.
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Congratulations to @JackGulley for your win with your 20 gallon community tank. Nice Going, Jack.
Coming in 2nd place is @MattW3344 with their 90 L nicely planted tank. Nice job, Matt.
And coming in 3rd place is @gwand with their 20 gallon long community tank. I love that video you posted as it shows the fish happily swimming about the tank.

Thanks go out to all members who participated in the contest by entering and / or voting.

Right now, we are accepting entries in our Fish of the Month contest featuring suckermouth type fish. If you have a Pleco or an Otocinclus, we hope you enter the contest.
CLICK HERE to view the entry thread.
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