55L Freshwater Tank In Guangzhou


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Oct 26, 2013
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Hi! I'm putting together a tank and will post little bits and pieces about it here. I'm not aiming to raise anything super special, but the location is different, so there might be one or two details of interest for curious people.
The attached photo is from the Guangzhou fish market at huadiwan metro station. It's ginormous. This is someone wholesaling bettas. I vaguely remember guestimating that there are about a thousandfis there. elsewhere in Guangzhou these sell for a pound. Here, they can be 50p each or 3 for a quid. all locally bought fish must come through here. 
So far my the tank has plants and one betta in it. The most interesting plant is this water caltrop thing. I never saw it in the UK. I got it as a seedling an inch long hanging off a chunky seed that sank like a rock, threw it in as a novelty, and a week later it was at the water's surface! I'm effectively cycling the tank with the betta for various reasons (I think it's been a mutually beneficial arrangement, seeing as he's healthy and would've long ago died in a little cup in the store or elsewhere). I have a feeling that apart from my cautious feeding and frequent small water changes, this rapidly growing plant has really helped to keep the water clean enough for the fish by removing nitrogen of whatever type. Just a guess. I'll take a proper photo or two soon if people are interested.


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Sounds interesting!
Would be good to see how other cultures do their fish keeping and variances in equipment and stocking.
Do post some pics when you can. we love seeing pics of set u and interesting tanks and fish 
Thanks! Didn't get a notification for some reason...
In terms of equipment, the market has almost everything. retailers chase the big deals, so many stock top-end stuff. There are water pumps there that are the same size as my tank that could be for a water fountain, and filter media sold in sheets a metre square. The same stores sell this pond stuff and retail things. The hobby is less advanced, and people don't seem to test water parameters much, worry about casualties,  or worry about food (the market has all that stuff, but no live daphnia, brine shrimp or bloodworm. just frozen or flakes).
I'll probably be there on Saturday, so i'll try to take some more pics of the market.
went back to the market yesterday and asked everybody until i found the one stall that had pygmy Corys. I'm so happy to have them. they're incredibly cute. having previously had the larger kind, i liked the idea of having a large school of smaller ones. i also got a nerite snail that's brutalising my algae for me as we speak. finally, i took a few photos of the market that I'm having trouble uploading.

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