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Apr 20, 2022
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Hello! Looking for stocking opinions on my 72gal bow front as I've never stocked a tank this big before. I plan on having it heavily planted with lots of wood and rock caves. I know 100% that I want angelfish in this tank. My current thoughts are this...

2x Angelfish (Pair)
2x Bolivian Ram (Pair)
6x Boesemani Rainbowfish or 20x large tetra (like Lemon or Serpae)
10x Kuhli Loach
8x Three Lined Corydora
1 BN Pleco

I have 5x Kuhli Loaches and the BN Pleco in my 20gal but thought moving them to the bigger tank would make them happier. I like Kuhlis and Corys but I'm worried that it will be too many bottom dwelling fish if I go with both plus the Rams and Pleco.

I can't decide between the Rainbowfish and the Tetra. I think the Rainbowfish will add a lot of color and movement to the top/mid levels of the tank but it could be cool to have a massive school of tetra swimming around.

I did a bunch of research on compatibility and used Aquadvisor to double check capacity (though I know it's not always 100% correct.)

I'm trying to keep most of the fish originating from the Amazon but I know a few aren't from those specific biotopes. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated!
One thing which stands out from your list of potential fish - Boeseman rainbows are hard water fish while everything else is soft water. Assuming you have soft water I would drop these from the list.

I'm not sure about mixing angels with Bolivian rams as they are both cichlids. Some who has tried them together would be able to give a better opinion.
I assume this is no longer required but for anyone wanting bigger species of rainbowfish like M. boesemani, they do not really go with angelfish. They are too energetic and boisterous.

I wouldn't keep khuli loaches either, you never see them.

Serpae tetras are fin nippers and should not be kept with slow moving fish or fish with long fins.

I would also get a pr (1 male & 1 female) of bristlenose catfish and let them breed. Then sell the babies and use the money/ credit for more fish and tanks.

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