angel fish

  1. C

    New Here

    Im new to the fish scene lol well kinda, years ago (back in 1995) I had Oscars Right now Ive got 2 Angels and a Bristlenose in a 30G but am in the process of moving them over to a 55G 🙂 I find they help me with my stress levels and I live watching them also! I want more fish and welcome...
  2. Mizz_MayDK

    My tanks

    Just an overview of my tanks: 360L Akvastabil Mark 2 tank (new tank without any fish yet - planning on having Malawi cichlids in it. 190L Juwel Trigon corner tank. This was the first tank I invested in and I have a mix of Red Juwel and Demasoni cichlids, clown loaches, bronze corys, a couple...
  3. Mizz_MayDK

    Female aquarist in Denmark

    Hi there I'm originally English but I live in Denmark. I'm fairly new to the hobby - and I've gone ALL in ... within 5 months I've gone from 0 to 7 tanks (360L, 250L, 190L, 150L, 125L, 40L, 20L) and I'm planning on a rack system with 3 x 80L ... I have got the rack system and the aquariums, but...
  4. Falconwithaboxon

    Rock and a Hard Place

    So I woke up and found one of my Angels between a rock and my tank glass. Is it normal for them to to that during the night to sleep or am I right to have moved him? It is 4am so it would be time for him to sleep, if they sleep that is. I'm going to move the rock farther from the glass. But if I...
  5. S

    Free - pair of Angel fish

    I have a breeding pair of Angel Fish which are ‘free to a good home’. In my community tank they are too aggressive when they have eggs or wrigglers. Let me know if you are interested. I’m in West Sussex.
  6. S

    Upgrading to a new tank

    So, my 57gal is cycled and ready to go. I put my two blackghost knife and add 4 angels. They are happy and no one seem to bother anyone. i know they needed a bigger tank and i do plan to upgrade it to a 100 or 150gal next year. i got the substrate from the old tank, plants, stones and filters...
  7. T

    55gallon stocking suggestions

    Hi, just set up a 55 gallon aquarium and I'm not sure what I should stock it with. My city's water is considered hard I believe. * Ph = 7.8 - 8.52 units. * GH = 159 - 164 ppm * Calcium = 47 - 78.5 ppm Some Ideas I've had were: - Tetra Tank with 5 or six large schools of tetra - Angel Fish Tank...
  8. Falconwithaboxon


    So I have way over stocked my tank and I'm looking to get a new one. I have 2 angelfish, 3 dwarf gourami, 2 mollies, 4 platies, 10 neon tetras, 4 cories, 4 algae eaters, 4 danios, and 3 snails. I had 20 ghost shrimp but I'm pretty sure they got ate by my other fish as there's no bodies from...
  9. Falconwithaboxon

    Tank questions

    So me and my buddy are getting a house in the spring and we are wanting to get a bigger tank, we both currently have 29 gallon tropical tanks. We were looking to get ~150 gallons and won't go smaller than 100 gallons, kind of want it to be a centerpiece decoration so that's why we want that...
  10. T

    Gourami is hiding from me/ 55gallon stocking

    Hi, I have a 55 gallon tank with: - Neon Tetras - Cherry Barbs - Pygmy Corys - 1 Angel I recently added a Large Golden Gourami to the tank and it's been hiding from me for the past 3 days. It seems fine when im at a distance and it can't see me, but as soon as i approch the tank it quickly...
  11. Jan Cavalieri

    Recovering from a disaster

    A while back I forgot to turn off the heater during a water change - I caught it pretty quickly but the shock killed most of the fish in the tank. Looking at the heater filter cord and all the other cords around it - they basically melted. Then, around the same time, we were working on my new...
  12. O

    How to Take mineral out of fish tank to soften water

    I have got a 55L tank with two angel fish but when i do a water test the water is to hard what do i need to take mineral out of it to make it more soft
  13. A

    Signs my fish has worms?

    Hi there, In one of my tanks, I noticed that my bristlenose pleco has something that looks like callamanus worms. I double checked with PetSmart and they said it looked normal. My water levels are fine and I have not introduced any new fish or plants to my aquarium for over a month now. My...
  14. M

    Angels aggressive after mating

    I have a pair of angels that mated together in May and are now super aggressive towards one another. I'm not positive which is the male and female, but the one who hovered most over the eggs which I assumed was female is being bit and attacked by the assumed male. The pair hasn't had a history...
  15. 3

    New 40 gallon tank (Community tank)

    Hey, so i am trying to create a community tank in my new 40 gallon tank i am up for suggestions and help... So in my 40 gallon tank i am wanting to inhabit it with 2 angel fish, 6 honey Gourami, Neon Tetras 10-15, 5 Cory catfish and a few bristlenose is this going to work is their going to be an...
  16. P

    Angel fish acting weird

    Hello everyone I'm new to the fish world and I have a quick question. I recently got a Zebra angelfish , I have it in a 30 gallon tank with 5 rummy noses and 4 corys. Every single fish in the tank is thriving and very active except for my angel. Hes my centerpiece in the tank and it sucks to...
  17. T

    Want to do the best by my fish!

    Hello All, Firstly a very good day to you and I hope everyone is keeping safe! I understand my question may be a bit clichéd to all the experienced aquatists out there but please bear with my rookie questions; I have a fresh water aquarium with a lone bala shark, a pair of small (Approx 4cm...
  18. W

    Help needed - mysterious cause of death for all fish. 4 remaining but not doing well.

    Request Help Tank size: 100L/26gal pH: 7.2-7.4 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 20ppm gH: 150 ppm tank temp: 28 degree Celsius (previously 26 but have upped since fish started getting sick) Volume and Frequency of water changes: Normal routine 1-2 per week 25-50% - treat with prime and stress...
  19. Barry Tetra

    How to choose angelfish?

    Hi everyone. I have 2 angelfish tanks, 1st tank; angelfish and discus (I know angel and discus can not be mixed but all angel in this tank is peaceful) 2nd tank; 6 territorial angels What I want is peaceful angel for discus tank. The questions is; is there anyway to choose peaceful angelfish...
  20. Barry Tetra

    How many gallon for angelfish

    My beautiful white female angelfish had killed 2 males and almost killed 1 male angel (little dorsal fin and fins left) in 55 gallons tank. she’s also hate being in a group so last month i put her in 10gallons quarantine tank because of her hating everything, she seems happy living alone. now i...