angel fish

  1. S

    30gallon tank stocking ideas

    so I’ve upgraded to a 100gallon and transferred my community from the 30gallon to the 100gallon .... mainly because my 3 Bala sharks are 6 inches now and my 4 gourami are 3-4 inches, few rainbows and a bristlenose plecostomus. I want to restock my 30 gallon but I don’t know what to do.... I was...
  2. YunoGasai212121

    Possible angelfish parasite

    not sure if the other one posted, I don’t think it did but sorry if it did. My fish has been acting weird lately with swimming like it’s been having more trouble with going where the filter flow is and it swims a little to the side and one time I saw it upside down but than 2 seconds later it...
  3. YunoGasai212121

    Angelfish front fin torn

    My angelfish’s fin was torn by one of the other angelfish in the tank (there’s 3 total). It’s her front fin that makes her swim (the internet says it’s her “pectoral fin) and now that it’s torn it doesn’t work as well. Because it’s not working as well she tends to lean to that side a little...
  4. MyFishKaren

    What Sex Are My Angelfish?

    I have two angelfish, I am thinking of getting another but don't know if Im restricted based on their sexes. I have three questions: What are their sexes? If they are M/F, can they breed? And, should I caution myself as to the sex of a third angel fish?
  5. MyFishKaren

    Help! Angel Fish Attacking Dwarf Gourami

    I have a 20 gallon tank. I just had a Platy die so I replaced it with a Dwarf Gourami because the manager at petsmart said the Gourami would be paired well with my two Angel Fish. I got my Gourami, did a water change an hour or so after, and have been watching them since. My bigger Angel...
  6. C

    Angelfish hasnt grown?

    Hey guys! So I have 8 Angelfish 2 Longfin and 6 Shortfin, i bought all mine in twos including my Longfins i bought them both together. Ive had them for quite a few months now, when i got my Angels they were all roughly the same size but ive noticed Stitch (Lilo and Stitch are my Longfins) and...
  7. K

    Are these Angelfish eggs?

    Hello All! We recently adopted 3 angels from a terrible home and they are blooming with us. They are older- about 5-6 years old- they used to eat once every 3 days, never had light or tank mates and just one piece of drift wood in a 90 gal tank. We took them in and since they all close together...
  8. B

    Angel trouble

    Ive had a 46 gal bow front for about 6mo with about 12 angels. About 3 weeks ago I noticed one had died. So I counted and realize that I had lost three since the last time I had counted. I started keeping my eye on the tank and noticed a couple of them we're becoming territorial and I chalked up...
  9. M

    Fish compatability recommendations

    Hi, I have a 64 litre (17 US gallon) tank, it has been running for about 3 weeks. All water tests are fine and fish seem healthy. I currently have: 1 male betta 1 red tailed shark 1 swordtail 1 platy 1 angelfish 1 clown loach 5 guppies 5 cardinal tetras I know this is to many fish for my...
  10. ShannonKoletti

    Angel Fish Fry Help!

    Hi, my tank at work is stocked with 5 very large adult angel fish, two being a pair. Last week I removed wrigglers from the parents into a net fry nursery until I had a sponge filter for a 16 litre tank I had. I used the water from the main tank for the 16L tank and after a few days after the...
  11. Bazouteast

    Strange Angel Fish behaviour

    Around 7 or 8 months ago I raised a brood of Angel Fish. They are now almost mature and beautiful though they are, I need to think about moving some of them on. Within the group there is one fish that has shown some remarkable behaviour that I haven't seen before. I have two filters running...
  12. K

    My Angelfish are bullies

    About two weeks ago i got 2 Angelfish juviniles off my friend who is a breeder here in NZ (about 3 months old from fry to know). I also have another 4-5month old Marbled Angel in my tank so they all not to big. I have a few questions, one is considerably smaller than the other two and just...
  13. D

    Angelfish at surface - please help!

    I brought home muy first two angels yesterday along with 3 hatchets to fill my 30gal bowfront. I lost my last fish (except my 3 Cory cats) a few days ago and that's why I decided to get my new angels. They've been doing great, very active yesterday and today, but this evening they are chewing...
  14. J

    Tiger Barbs

    Recently got into fish keeping after many years since i was a child, i have set up a 20 gallon semi-aggressive community tank. So far i have 2 japanese algae shrimp, 1 Ghost shrimp, the 3 tiger barbs which are the fish that i am worried about due to lack of color and what seems like rapid...
  15. R

    Please Help, Fish Dying

    Tank size: 75 Gallon pH: 7.8 Alkalaine ammonia: Don’t know… nitrite: Safe nitrate: Safe kH: Ideal gH: Soft tank temp: 80 F Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): A few months ago my gourami started to develop a spine deformity. Since, I have...
  16. dopey696

    Breeding, Fighting Angelfish

    Hello peoples. I have four black and white striped angelfish, they were great fish together until they broke apart into two breeding pairs, each pair lays eggs about every two weeks and they're always fighting. The fighting isn't cool so unfortunately I have to get rid of one pair. My LFS will...
  17. S

    My angel fish is face down vertical

    Hi I just received a large new angel fish from a friend about a week ago and just today he started swimming face down into the rocks in the corner of the tank. I fed the fish in the tank to see if it would interest him, but he just continues to swim down. I'm not sure what todo please help.
  18. G

    Help! Black angle hurt.

    Tank size: 20 us gallon high pH: unknown ammonia:unknown nitrite:unknown nitrate:unknown kH: unknown gH: unknown tank temp: Upper seventy's lower eighty's. Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): Angel fish was fine when I put it in yesterday...
  19. K

    Angel Fish With Pop Eye And Nipped Fins!

    Hello everyone, I'm somewhat new to tropical fish keeping although I've had all of my lot for 2 years. It's an emergency now that he actually looks sick! I've tried researching and found he may have pop eye for the last 2 months..... He still has his eye and i don't see improvement by water...
  20. mrstwalker

    Clown Loaches

    Hi there!    So I recently discovered the adorable Clown Loach! I want to set up a community tank with them, here are the fish I was thinking of homing with them:    Clown Loach (3)  Platy (4) Corydora (2) - either dwarf or albino  Bala Shark (3) - yes I am aware balas need a large tank, I will...